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Mari Organization Provocations

January 12, 2010


1. I’m just not an organized person………

I disagree with it. It is because I think we all could be not an organized person  at first. Although, you’ll need to start being organized through your life. I think if you don’t be an organized person, when you grow  up and start living your self, your house would be an awful mess and it will give many problems to your life. So I think being not an organized person at first is okay, but that you cannot use that excusement through your whole life.  You have to be organized in some way.       

2. There is no link between being organized and being successful..

I also disagree with this Provocation. Maybe in someways, being organized doesn’t have a link between being successful but for example works, I think there is a big link between them. Even to do just a home work you need to be organized to success/finish it. I think it this way because you really have to be organized with your time, (e.g. when to do this and that) you need to be organized to bring it to home and hand in your home work. (Otherwise you might lose it and get scold by a teacher) It is the exactly same with your job when you grow up. For example when you have to write like a report, or anything, there is always a deadline. Same as the home work, you need to be organized with your time. For some jobs, it will much be harder. You will get a huge amount of papers and you’ll need to ORGANIZE where they go so you don’t lose them. What if there was some thing important written on. (Like a home work sheet with all home work you need to do.) If you lose it, then you won’t know! Then you won’t be able to success. BUT if you are organized and you had that information, you might be able to success! This is why being organized and being successful are connected.