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World War 1

November 5, 2009
  • Started in 1914-1918
  • On June 28 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo
  • Austria-Hungry declared war on Serbia
  • Europe became divided into two sides
  • Allies –Great Britain, Belgium, France, Russia, Greece, Italy
  • Central power-Germany, Austria-Hungary, turkey, Bulgaria
  • War was fought in trenches, used machines guns and Germans had U-boats
  • War ended when America joined the war.
  • Many new countries were created after world war 1

By Rayisht

World war II

November 4, 2009

This is a timeline of World War II

  • September 1939 world war II starts when German invaded Poland and other countries join in. There are two groups called Allies and Axis.
  • April 1940 Germany invaded Norway and Denmark to get iron ores.
  • May 1940 Germany invaded France.
  • June 1940 Italy invaded France and United kingdoms.
  • June 1941 The Axis invaded the Soviet Union ( A state ).
  • September 1943 Western Allies attacked Italy mainland.
  • April 1945 German gave up and Hitler committed suicide.
  • September 1945 ended world war II.


World War 1

November 4, 2009
  • World War 1 began on July 28, 1914 when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.
  • 135 countries took part on World War 1, to support and more than 15 millions death happened during this time.
  • World War 1 was fought thorough most of the Europe continent.
  • The actual fighting that happened during the war was fought amongst many different fronts.
  • Most of the fighting that happened in the western fronts was trench warfare.
  • The Eastern front was fought in Central and Eastern Europe and it was one of the main places where World War 1 took place.
  • The other fronts that include a lot of fighting were at Middle Eastern fronts and the Italian fronts.
  • World War 1 was the first war where tanks, planes and other under water boat were used as common weapons.
  • The war took 4 years and was ended on 1918.
    World War 1


Tokugawa Ieyasu

October 15, 2009
This is an image of Tokugawa Ieyasu from Japan. I chose him because, in 16th century, when Japan’s many parts had war lord and was fighting to make whole Japan theirs, Tokugawa Ieyasu tricked many parts of Japan and he made Japan into One whole Japan, like now.
To find more information about him, please click on the image below:
Click on this image to learn more about Tokugawa Ieyasu.
Click on this image to learn more about Tokugawa Ieyasu.