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How to be organized- Dianne, Amrita and Marvin

January 18, 2010

Organized for school:

  • Organized your books, notebooks etc.
  • Draw out a plan that includes amount of times needed for different subjects, break time or due date’s assignments. Etc.
  • Use color codes to organized each subjects or times.
  • Use an assignment notebook to record all your homework, assignment, things coming up. Etc.
  • Use ‘to do list’ to get organized for the day.
  • Keep a large calendar to see the schedule or other activities you have to do.
  • Organized your own bag.
  • Prepare things the day before school.
  • Do your homework.
  • Make sure nothing is missing in your bag.
  • When you make notes make sure you put it where you could find it.
  • Organized your papers, sheets and notices.
  • Use large rubber bands to hold books and folders by subject area together.
  • Have a special folder or place for homework and for notes to parents.
  • Write tittles of the subject in every book.
  •   Place all the books in the same direction.
  •   Always keep extra pencils and pens in your bags.
  • Make a folder to keep your work in.