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Cleopatra By:Amrita

November 5, 2009

“Queen of Beauty
  • She was Born is 69 BC. She became famous in Egypt by her power to rule and govern.
  • Cleopatra VII was the queen of ancient Egypt.
  •  Cleopatra was married to Ptolemy XIII.(Her Brothers)
  •  She was taken from the throne in Egypt due to some economic reason by her brother.
  •  Cleopatra with the help of Roman ruler Julius Caesar got back to her Egyptian throne.
  •  After that Cleopatra married Julius Caesar and shifted to Rome.
  •  Caesar was unfortunately killed by his friends, Cleopatra went back to Egypt again.
  • Finally she met a another Roman Emperor and married him.(Mark Antony.)
  • Mark Antony was killed by himself because he thought that Cleopatra was killed in a war.
  • Then Cleopatra went back to Egypt again and killed herself  by a poisonous snake.( Egyptians belive that a woman killed by a poisonous snake can become a god.)  
  • She died on 30 B.C. august 30.

She was remembered as the ‘Powerful’ and ‘Beauitiful’ queen of ancient Egypt.