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Kira Organization Provocation

January 13, 2010

I’ve got a maid who will do everything for me…I don’t need to be organized!
I disagree at times because sometimes your not with your maid so she isnt there to do all your stuff for you. Also when you grow up your not really supposed to have a maid to do all your things because around that age your supposed to be responsible for your own property. Even though you have a maid you should try not to let her do all your things so you can grow up being responsibily mature.

We don’t need to be organized

I dont really agree with that because if we need to find our things and our room is not organized there isnt much chance of finding what you need. Some people will disagree with that because they can find there things through a mess but I’d rather be organized. When we be organized there is a lot of positves then negatives because you probaly wont be ashamed of your selves. I partly agree with this line because if we are going somewhere for a short amount of time and we dont need anything we dont really need to be organized.