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Exhibition 2 by Aditya

April 22, 2010

The progress in my presentation is going really well as we already started sticking the economy, nature, society and well-being things on but we need more pictures. The inside is going to much harder and it will take us lots of time so we also have to start managing our time well.

We have achieved sticking what we are going to talk about and the road scene. We will now start putting the other things like some trees, pollution and the other things we were supposed to put.

Ms. Dawn and Mr. Chris have helped us already. The ideas given by Ms. Dawn are really good but they are extremely hard to work on. So our group is thinking of considering only some of the ideas.

The things that have caused us difficulty are that first we weren’t able to decide that do we want to make it 2D or 3D. Then our group argued a lot on small things. Sometimes the whole group went to check a room or for card boards. Our group shouldn’t have done that but only 2 people should have gone.

My plans for the next few days is to finish the second box. If we will have more time then we will make something like a video, prezi or something.

My group needs help with the second box as we are going to start that soon. But I think my group can sort that out ourselves.


Creative Commons Videos

March 24, 2010

I came across this blog post this morning – it is about how students at another school are also creating videos in the “In Plain English” style. I thought you might be interested to read about their experience and see an example of their work.

Mr Will’s “Presentation” Presentation

January 19, 2010

Do you spend enough time focusing on your presentation?

Have you ever designed a presentation which looked a bit dodgy? I know I have

This is the presentation that was delivered in class today. You will also find the video that was shown at the bottom