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My Local Area-Dianne

March 16, 2010

Some of the things you like about your local area.

My local area is safe because theres security. People around my area is kind too, we also always share things together. My area is neat, clean and beautiful. We have enough resources we want and we could suggest things we want to the village leader. It convenient to go find food.

Some of the things you dislike about your local area.

When am going out of my village its the main road so I have to wait so long to get out of my village. My area is really far from school its takes nearly 40 minutes to reach school so I have to wake up so early. Sometimes people let their cats out and don’t look at their own cats so dogs could bite them.

Idenfity three hopes you have for the future of your local area.

1.People would look after their cats so dogs wouldn’t bite them.

2.The new sky train is in front of my house so I hope that it will take faster to build it.

3.Some house has not been cared so I wish that the owner would care about their houses.

Identify three fears that you have about the future of your local area.

1.More cats would die because owners are not taking care of their own cats.

2. Sometimes they could be robbers in our village because the security won’t be looking that clearly.

3. Theres cars in our village so when children are playing around there might get an accident.

My Passions By Georgia

March 15, 2010

My issue is protecting endangered animals from hunters, potchers and fishers. I am intrested in this topic because it’s a global issue at the moment and i like animals.This topic is in the·  Sharing finite resources with people and other living things.

By: Georgia