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December 10, 2009


I think this creature has many black, round spots which it is on it’s very had shell. I think it is a ladybug. The red shell looks very dark when it is near the head but it looks brighter at the back. The ladybug is sleeping. Its head is very big and it is very dark. The body of a ladybug is round like a circle but it looks like one triangle for the head and one Oval for the body. The shell of the ladybug is hard so most of the lights bounce of and we could see a bright light.

My Poem

As the bug creeps up and down

The black spots start to turn around

When it flips the shell is black

When it stands it shell is red

With a head like a an arrow

Pointing where it goes

Blocking obstacles is what it does

With its red and black shell

By: Marvin