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Chitralada Palace- Dianne

March 9, 2010

Today the whole year6 went to Chitralada Palace. We broke into groups and went to see the king’s projects. I saw the Dairy farm, the coal factory, the rice factory and many more. The milk there was cheap and fresh, this helped Thailand by the king could get profit then he could help poor people or help peopled that needed help. All the projects that I’ve looked  helps me to learn more about what the king have build and how the king made Thailand a better place. I also thought that the king is really creative and he uses his best effort to build these projects.

Access to equal opportunities

I chose this phrase because the things they are selling at Chitralada palace is really cheap, and if we are poor we could afford it. Also when its cheap people could buy more so the king gains profit and he could help people. Another reason why I chose this phrase is because the king builds projects and some projects helped Thailand to be a better place so people could have equal opportunities and it also doesn’t matter if they are poor or rich they also could have equal opportunities.

Three questions :

1. Who inspired you to build these projects?

2.Do you have anymore plans for building anymore projects?

3.Which project is the most challenging one you have worked on ?

Sanjana’s Reflection On The Chitralada Palace

March 9, 2010

Today  the whole of year 6 classes went to the Chitralada Palace. Together we saw some of his majesties projects which helped us learn more about them. We saw the Chakoal factory, Sa paper factory, Mushroom factory, Rice factory, Dairy factory and lots more. In those projects there were many interesting things to see such as how the staff’s make those products and the producing of the chakoal and other things.

I think that people will receive happiness from what amazing projects the king has made. I think the Communities and the relationships between them is related to what we saw today such as teamwork that they do is good and more products will keep on being made if this continues.

Three Questions that I will ask the King if I had a chance to.

  • How did you come up with so good ideas for your projects?
  • How many factories did you open up?
  • Did you go thru some difficulties while doing any of the  projects?

Ancient Egyptians

November 5, 2009 Egyptian Hieroglyphics

  • Apart from pyramids Egypt is known for the Sphinx, their picture writings called hieroglyphics, papyrus paper, pottery, jewelry and much more.
  • The kingdom came to the end 2500 yrs after it was formed as many enemies invaded them and they lost control over their land

The Ancient Egyptians had one of the world’s greatest and oldest civilizations. The Nile River played a great role in making Egypt a great country.  Egypt is mostly a desert but because of the river’s water and good soil, they were able to grow food.

They also built cities, temples, pyramids and other amazing works. They also invented a method of writing and made important discovery in medicine, math and science.

  • In 3100 B.C, Egypt became a kingdom under the first Pharaoh called Menes.
  • The pharaoh was treated like a god. He was the High priest, chief judge and the commander of the army.
  • One strange fact I discovered was was that pharaohs usually married thier sisters, so that their son could become the next pharaohs!!
  • Egyptians also had many gods and goddesses, and they believed in life after death.
  • When a person died, their body was embalmed and wrapped into a mummy. If they were the pharaoh or the royal family, they were buried in tombs The Great Sphinx and a Pyramidcalled PYRAMIDS. These tombs also had food, jewelry, weapons for afterlife.
  • Many of these pyramids and tombs were robbed, but in the 1920’s, Pharaoh Tutankhamen or King Tut’s tomb was found with his mummy and many treasures.
  • Apart from pyramids Egypt is known for the Great Sphinx, their picture writings called hieroglyphics, papyrus paper, pottery, jewelry and much more.
  • The kingdom came to the end 2500 yrs after it was formed as many enemies invaded them and they lost control over their land


October 12, 2009
Click On This Picture To Learn More!!

Click On This Picture To Learn More!!

HM King Bhumibhol Adulyadej of Thailand is one of the most loved and respected kings. The people of Thailand love and respect him because all his life he has worked hard to make things better for the people of Thailand. He travels all over the country to listen to people’s problems and works to find solutions for them.He started many “Royal Projects” such as rain making , agricultural projects to help poor farmers and health care projects.He is also an inventor. He has invented things like artificial rain making techniques, water aerators, bio- diesel car fuel made from vegetable oil and much more. Also, when there are problems in the country, his advice makes the problems better, because everyone listens to him. He has done a lot for Thailand and Thai people. He will be remembered in history for being a loved and respected king.

By: Tanya 6CB

King Chulalongkorn or King Rama V of Siam

October 12, 2009


King Chulalongkorn or King Rama The V of Siam

Please click on the PICTURE to learn more!!

King Chulalongkorn V was one of the greatest Thai kings.  I have chosen to write about him because he was responsible for making Siam modern. He did this by making many important changes and improvements. He thought education was important, so he opened schools and gave all children equall chance to have an education. He opened hospitals and gave modern treatment and medicine to people who only had old treatments that did not always work. He improved education by starting post and telegraph services. He also ordered railroads to be constructed. He introduced baht as the currency to improve trade. He cancelled slavery and made sure that Thailand never came under any western countries. Even though he was the King and could do anything he wanted, he worked hard to make Siam a better and more modern country. The people of Thailand today have a lot to thank him for.