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December 10, 2009

Cockroach are one of the larger group of insects are found all of the earth. They are usually dark brown in color and have flattened body and a relatively small head. They have two large antennae to sense food. They have three pairs of hairy legs and they have two pairs of wings and the top one which is harder to protect the soft body inside. The second pair of wings are very light which helps them to fly. Cockroaches are the common  pest found on household things.    


Creepy creepy disgusting pest with two long sticks,

hides in a spooky wet corners and try not be seen.

When the little pest comes out of hiding,

we like to chase it down and kill it.

There a disgusting pest lying squished,

Thank God we got rid of  one.

There another pest creeps……….

By:Amrita Shirlal 6CB


December 10, 2009


I think this creature has many black, round spots which it is on it’s very had shell. I think it is a ladybug. The red shell looks very dark when it is near the head but it looks brighter at the back. The ladybug is sleeping. Its head is very big and it is very dark. The body of a ladybug is round like a circle but it looks like one triangle for the head and one Oval for the body. The shell of the ladybug is hard so most of the lights bounce of and we could see a bright light.

My Poem

As the bug creeps up and down

The black spots start to turn around

When it flips the shell is black

When it stands it shell is red

With a head like a an arrow

Pointing where it goes

Blocking obstacles is what it does

With its red and black shell

By: Marvin


December 10, 2009

Grasshoppers are light greenish. They like to jump if they want to move. Grasshoppers have antennae that are most always shorter than their own body. Grasshoppers are able to camouflage themselves when predators are around. They eat smaller insects and crops { Those are  called Locusts}. Grasshoppers can change colors and behavior. Grasshoppers have 6 different stages of development. Grasshoppers are very interesting animals because they almost always jump to places instead of walking.

The Grasshopper Poem

In the grass the Grasshopper stands,

Ready to pounce at its next victim.

As it is jumping the wind is howling,

And the grasshopper fights it.

The grasshopper ready as ever,

Ready to have its feast.

Drangonflies By:Vishuka

December 10, 2009

Dragonflies are types of insects that do not sting or harm humans. They have large eyes and wide, transparent strong wings. They are usually found around lakes, ponds, streams, and wetlands. Fish, turtles, frogs, ducks, herons and larger insects all like to eat dragonflies. Well –built adult dragonflies are experts in hunting and mostly eat other insects. Dragonflies often hunt for food in different sizes of groups when ants are available inTHIS IS A DRAGONFLY!!!! large numbers. Small ponds where the air is fresh, is where dragonflies prefer to stay.


Dragonflies are darting everywhere,

The flowers are blooming and the sky brightens up.

Dragonflies are here and there,

Sometimes high in the sky.

Sometimes near the water,

Sometimes buzzing around me.

They are my favorite

Because they don’t harm.

They are:



Not too small

Not too big

Just the right size.

I wish there were only dragonflies…

that harm no one.

Pray mantis

December 10, 2009

A Pray Mantis is a meat eater insect and it has a triangular face. It catches preys by hiding in leaves so it can catch preys that come to the leaves. It catches it with it’s Spiky front legs so the prey cant run away then it eats the prey. The pray mantis can eat any insect even birds and snakes that is smaller then its self. Pray mantises can change their eyes for night mode and day mode. Humans also do this change there settings for their own eye


The skilled and tough pray mantis is hiding in the leaves

Here comes a butterfly but flying past away

theres an another butterfly coming in and its close

It comes to the leaves

Snatch and bite

that was a good meal

have to clean my great strong spiky arms




The close up of a Pray mantis


December 10, 2009
Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly

Butterfly Description:

This butterfly is a monarch butterfly. It has Orange wings and black
out lines on each part. In the black outline, there are many dots.
Some are white small ones that are at the edge and some are yellow big
ones that are just beside the orange wings.
This Monarch butterfly has got I think two big wings and two small wings.
This butterfly has a standing out black body with thin and long black
anttenas. In this photograph, this butterfly is opening its wings very wide.
A Butterfly, a beautiful orange butterfly
Black lines all around, with circles white and yellow.
Flapping and Flapping the big orange wings
Flying up high to the sky.
Now its a rest
On a yellow round pollen.
Srrp Srrp Srrp
Its time to go
Again flap, flap flap, goes the orange wings
Flying up high to the sky,
Till the next rest time.
A Butterfly, a beautiful orange Monarch butterfly
Black lines all around, with circles white and yellow.
By: Mari Katusno