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Holes By: Tanya

February 1, 2010

Holes is a fantastic book. It showed me that  people can be very good or very terrible. I felt really sorry for all these boys stuck in the camp with very mean adults that treated them without any kindness or respect, even though they did something wrong. It also tought me about courage and being there for my friends. Everytime Mr. Chris stopped reading, i couldn’t come out of the book or wait to know what would happen next!

Stanley Yelnats is really a great character and also my favorite.  At the start he was a fat kid who got bullied, but he became confident and much braver by the end. He was a really good friend to Zero, stood up for him, and even saved his life. He was also a little funny because he kept blaming his ” no good pig stealing great-great grandfather” for all his problems. He is a very likeable character.

My favorite part in the book is when Stanley and Zero are saved from the hole. First, the lizards did not bite them even though they normally do. This was because of the onions they ate. Second,the mean Warden could not take the bag from them because Zero shows them that Stanley’s name is written on it. Then, all the mean people at the camp get in trouble. It served them right!

I would recommend this book to everyone because it is a really great book. It takes you on a exciting, sad, angry and even happy journey. I give this book 10/10. It deserves it!


Holes Reflection Mari

February 1, 2010

I thought Holes was a very exciting and interesting book. I will give this book a 100/10 in fraction. which means 10 out of ten. I did not really like it when Mr. Chris stopped reading the book because the boys at the back were being naughty or there was a teacher coming to our class disturbing. (Most of the time, it was Mr. Sam) When ever Mr. Chris gave us a reading home work, to read Holes by our selves, I wanted to read more than Mr. Chris told me to but I just stopped my self from it because it would not be interesting when Mr. Chris read the extra part I read to the rest of the class.

I think My favourite scene was the scene when Stanley and Zero was out on the BIG THUMB, actually middle of no where. I liked it because that scene, that only scene was very adventurous and very exciting. I wondered why Zero had named the rottened Katie Barlow’s Peach Jam SPLOOSH.
My favourite character was Stanley and Zero because they are kind and not mean and their honest, but I do not like the other boys especially X-RAY because he was very mean to Stanley. It is also because X-RAY cheated by saying “If you ever find anything interesting, give it to me” and getting the day off. I thought that it was fair enough for Stanley to get the day off because he was the one that found it and he is a nice guy. I thought it this way because also, he was actually innocent and came to Camp Green lake. I kind of thought Mr. Pendanski was a nice councelour at the beginning comparing to Mr. Sir or to the Warden, but I thouhgt he was quite selfish because when ever some thing was going to happen to him, he just blamed on other boys. I thought it was kind of unfair that Zero was said by everyone that he was nothing because Zero was still a human whom had the equal rights with every one else in the world.

Overall, I thought this book was amazing and Now, I actually think that it would be okay to give a million out of ten.

Holes-My Comments By: Sanjana

February 1, 2010

Holes is a very exciting and interesting book. It made me feel many emotions from anger,  to sadness and excitement. I felt very dissapionted everytime Mr. Chris stoped reading. I felt very bad for Stanley and Zero because they had to bear so much pain and meanness from the people at the camp. When they escaped, I was really hoping they would be safe.

My favorite part in the story is when Stanley and his family blamed his “pig-stealing great-great grandfather” for everything bad that happened to them. It was funny that he blamed someone who was already dead for so long.

Stanley is my favorite character in the story because in the beginning he was fat and not very brave and so he was bulied. Later, he became stronger and smarter and he also saved Zero’s life.

Overall this book was a really great book to read.I rate this book a 9/10.