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December 10, 2009

Fire ants form a raft to save themselves from water

FIRE ANTS  are one of the most dangerous and aggressive ants.  They live in colonies made up of a queen, male drones, and female workers. Fire ants have a painful sting which can cause swelling and bumps. They can adapt to any place or environment. They are also survivors. For example if lots of water enters  their nests, they will come together and form a huge ball or raft that is able to float on the water!

Fire Ants are dark reddish brown with oval bodies. Their bodies are divided into a head, thorax and abdomen. Fire ants also have three pairs of legs and  a pair of antennae.

They live in large mounds in open areas and feed on plants, seeds and even crickets. Their nests are usually made in soil near moist areas.Sometimes, their mounds are as high as 40 cm! 

Fire ants often attack small animals and kill them.When they bite, they send a poisonous sting into the bite. This sting feels like burning fire. This is why they are called fire ants!


Fiery red creatures

That have a mighty sting

In their strong towers

They rule as kings

Come rain or water

They’ll float away to safety

Stay away from these red warriors

And the dangers thay bring!!

By: Sanjana 6CB