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January 13, 2010

You Do Not Need To Be Organized…

I strongly disagree with this provocation because when a person’s space and mind is not organized, they cannot think clearly and miss out on many opportunities. On the other hand being organized allows one to think clearly, be more responsible and work more efficiently. Being organized means having discipline which helps an individual to achieve greater things in life.

I’ve got a maid who will do everything for me…I don’t need to be organized!

This statement sounds like the words of a very spoilt brat! Some of us are lucky that we have such good lives and maids who make our work much easier. However, being organized is a quality that every individual should have because it teaches us to be more independant. Today, we may have maids, but as the world keeps changing, we may not have them tomorrow. Therefore, we should learn to be organized and independant so we can control our own lives.

By: Tanya 6CB