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April 1, 2010

Today in exhibition time, I did quite alot of noodle bib and researching on the computer. I found the search engine Think Quest quite good. I found this good website from Think Quest. I don’t remember the name of the website but it had informatin about the cause of Poverty and the cycle of Poverty.

I learnt that Lack of Education is one of the reason. This is because when the family is working and they need help because their money income is less. They want to send them to school, but they need some one to help them so they keep their children at home and let them work. The children who didn’t  get education, they will have difficulty to find their job. So they are forced to get a job with less income of money. I learnt that lack of education also includes the teachers. When there are no good teachers, children won’t get educated properly. I also learnt that the goverments are part of the cause of Poverty. (That when the goverment isn’t strong, there will be more people living in Poverty.) At the bottom of the page of the useful website I used, there was one solution for Poverty. It said that training teachers will be a solution to the education part of poverty and there will be more kids educated well.

Some Questions I have now are:

  1. I now know that people live in poverty because they don’t get education but why did they become poor when money was made?
  2. Is it that the parents want to send their kids to the school but they don’t have the money or is it that they need help so they don’t send their kids to school?
  3. It said that there is a cycle of poverty but what is a cycle of poverty?
  4. Why does the lack of goverment affect the people living in Poverty?
  5. Why is it always woman and girls that always work when they only can send a few kids to school or when they need help?

The Sources I used and will use:

  • Survey monkey
  • Interviews
  • Guest speakers:
  • a)Mr. Adrian Watts
  • b)Ms. Kate
  • c)My mom
  • Think Quest
  • Ask
  • Brain Pop videos
  • The great website I found today
  • Books about Poverty and Child Educatin from the library

My plans for the next few days is that tomorrow, I will go to the klongtoei slum and interview some people living in the slum if I can. I will also invite my mom who works at UNESCO to come next week to talk to us about how Poverty affects the Child Education and how Child Education affects the issue Poverty.


March 31, 2010

Today, my group and I went to 6AR’s presentation and heard Mr. Steve’s Presentation sort of like a TED talk. It was quite surprising what I learnt today about slavery and child labor.  One of the things that I was surprised was that out of nearly 7 billion people in the world, 1 billion live less than 30B a day and 2 billion people in the world live with 30B to 60B a day. When I heard that, it was quite shocking that nearly half of the population cannot have access to medical care, food, water, education and all the other Basic Needs. I also learnt that 27million people out of that 3 billion people are slaves. 

 From Mr. Steve I heard that he talked to this lady who had been working as a worker for an awful job. She had 11 other sisters and brothers and her family lived with less than 30B a day. She was looking for jobs and one day, some one came up to her and told her that she will be given a job to make clothes and she was asked to work for 8 hours a day and she was asked to work 5 days a week. Mr. Steve told me that she was going to be payed 1 dollar per hour. To the lady, it sounded a good deal and when I heard that from Mr. Steve, it sounded very good for her and her family. But then, when she was taken away and reached the place, the company told her that the lady has to pay the transportation fees, which cost 2,500 dollars. Mr. Steve told me that since she was poor and had no money, she had to work for that money and pay back the money to the company. So the lady made only a little bit of profit working there for 6 years…

I felt very sorry for her, I was shocked and I felt really angry of the company that took the lady away for what it sounded like a good deal.  I think the lady was quite shocked too. I was very angry about slavery and I think there should be no slavery at all since were all same humans and I think that tricking people who really needs a job is not a good idea at all.

Now, I have some questions to ask Mr. Steve:

  1. What happened to the lady afterwards? Did she quit or did any one helped her?
  2. Why did slavery become a global issue again when it became illegal 200 years ago?
  3. Why did people even thought of slavery and use people as their slaves?

Some sources that I used and will use for my exhibition are:

  1. Guest Speakers (Primary source)
  2. Books (Secondary source)
  3. Encyclopedia (Secondary source)
  4. Surveys (Primary and Secondary source)
  5. Interviews (Primary source)
  6. Ask
  7. Think Quest
  8. Some good search engines from Y3 Ms. Sita’s Wiki Page

My Plans for the next few days is that I will invite my mom as a guest speaker to talk to us about child education and Poverty since she works at UNESCO. I will also interview Mr. Adrian Watts and other people from the education side. On friday, my group and I are going to the Khlong Toey Slum so I might interview people living in the slum.