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King Chulalongkorn or King Rama V of Siam

October 12, 2009


King Chulalongkorn or King Rama The V of Siam

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King Chulalongkorn V was one of the greatest Thai kings.  I have chosen to write about him because he was responsible for making Siam modern. He did this by making many important changes and improvements. He thought education was important, so he opened schools and gave all children equall chance to have an education. He opened hospitals and gave modern treatment and medicine to people who only had old treatments that did not always work. He improved education by starting post and telegraph services. He also ordered railroads to be constructed. He introduced baht as the currency to improve trade. He cancelled slavery and made sure that Thailand never came under any western countries. Even though he was the King and could do anything he wanted, he worked hard to make Siam a better and more modern country. The people of Thailand today have a lot to thank him for.