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Dianne’s Passion

March 15, 2010

Endangered Animals

I chose this topic because I thought that it was very interesting and I want to know more about endangered animals. I also want to know what animals are endangered right now and I also want to know ways that could help them. So if I learned ways that could help the endangered animals I could tell people how to help them and how they are destroying their lives so they could stop it. I think this relates to Communities and the relationships between them because people are destroying the animals so theres a relationship between the people and the animals.

Will these 10 species survive? by Tanya

January 25, 2010

The link to this article:

The World Wildlife Fund(WWF)  has just released a 2010 list of the top ten animals that are in danger of not surviving. Most of these animals are the ones people know and love. Some of these animals are : tigers, polar bears, pacific walruses, magellanic penguins, leatherback turtles, mountain gorillas,bluefin tuna, monarch butterflies, javan rhinoceroses and giant pandas.They are in danger because of climate change and loss of their habitat. For example, tigers, gorillas,monarch butterflies and javan rhinoceros are losing their habitats because of deforestation or cutting down of forests. Polar bears, penguins, and walruses are suffering from hotter climates that is making the ice melt where they live. Bluefin tunas are being overfished for sushi and many leatherback turtles are killed during fishing.

I fellt sad when i read this list because it is full of animals I know and love. The worst part about all this is that human beings are responsibile for harming the environment. We are making these animals suffer because of our actions. Animals and our environment are sacred, and we must start taking strong actions to protect them.