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April 22, 2010

Today, I have finished my little video about what is happening because of Poverty. (The Facts I call it) And today, I also started my power point presentation with full page picture and some headings on. I did my power point presentation and finished it until the cause of Poverty part. I tried to keep it a minimum of words and only key points so like as Mr. Will said before, 80% of the presentation would be the presenter, and the 20% of the presentation would be the presentation its self.

Today, my mom came to visit and talk to us about the issue Poverty and Child Education. I learnt many things that my mom would not talk to me about, at home. But, I had some stuff that I knew because I talked with my mom a little at home.  I learnt from my mom that there are many faces of poverty. I learnt that there are Absolute Poverty  which is when people have no food, no water, no shelter and clothes and live with less than a dollar a day, and some thing called Relative Poverty which they have a minimum amount of food, water, clothes, a small roof over their head and they can live if they try their best to live.  I learnt that Poverty doesn’t always mean that they have no money but that it means hunger, that they have no freedom, no job, no education, they cannot read, write or do simple calculation like 1 add 1 and 1 add 2.       I had several  questions for my mom to think about and one of them was ”Why are women and girls in some country taken away the right to be educated?” My mom said that it was because many of their parents thought women and girls were just for giving birth, do the house work, and just make the generation go on forever. So, parents thought girls weren’t needed to be educated. But, today, I found out that it is not always girls that are taken away the rights to be educated. I found out that in some country like Mongolia, people there go around with camels and live all over place. But people there do not won’t some thing to happen to girls so they just send them to bording schools and boys, when they think their son is enough educated, they take them out of school and make them help the father take care of the horses and the camels and help the father to set up the tent. I was surprised by the information that in Thailand, many boys drop out of school when they are about in secondary level and most girls go up till university. But the one who gets richer and gets a good job is the men and boys. I thought that was quite unfair that boys say they don’t want to learn and drop out and the girls learn very hard but they cannot have good jobs in their future and boys do.

The things that I found that was difficult for me (Some difficulties I had) was finding good pictures that really really relates to the issue Poverty and Child Education. It was one kind of difficulty for me because flickr, flickr storm, photo bucket, they all have good quality pictures that would not be pixolated than google images, but in those three web sites flickr, flickr storm and photo bucket, they all had pictures that was not real life pictures (like the actors are doing it) and many pictures that weren’t relating at all to the issue poverty and Child Education.

I expect my job to be done like this:

  • April 23rd Friday- Finish up the power point presentation
  • April 26th Monday- Do some editing of presentation and Start thinking about what I am going to say
  • April 27th Tuesday- Start writing the Script, Q-Cards, notes on power point
  • April 28th Wednesday- Finish up and edit the script, q-cards, notes.
  • April 29th Thursday- Start practicing the presentation by my own and get it quite all of it in my head
  • April 30th Friday- Start practicing to other students who are also finish in my class and get some comments, improve it and still keep on practicing until the very end of the period
  • May 1st Saturday- Practice one last time of presentation and get perfectly ready for the presentation day May 3rd Monday in Student Led confrences


April 20, 2010

Today, the important thing I learnt today were:

a)70% of the Poor is Women

b)One way of ending poverty is to stop discriminating girls against boys and boys against girls

c)24,000 children die because of hunger and Poverty each day

d) At least 80% of the Humanity live with less than 10$ a day.

e) 75 million primary school aged kids around the world aren’t gettting education.

f) More than 55% of the kids who doesn’t get education are girls.

g)  The places most found with people living in Poverty are Ethiopia, Burma, Vietnam, Dafu, Africa, North Korea, India, Laos, Bangladesh, Benjin, Faso, Ghana, Malawi, Mozamibique, Senegal, Uganda, Bolivia, Mexico and Peru.

(I made some more than five important things because today, I learned alot of important things.)
The most thing I want my visitors at exhibition is that ‘ If all of you change your mind and bring back the sharing empathy, Poverty might end.’ I want to tell this message the most because I think the issue Poverty started when human became so competitive about resources and become a little selfish and lost the sharing empathy.
For an example, first of all in a village called village A) long time ago, there were lots of natural resources and less people lived there. But when the people who lived in village B) heard that the village A) had lots of nice natural resources than them, they came to live in the village A). So even village A) had lots of resources and they could eat alot every day, when the village B) person came, they had to share so now people who lived in village A) from a long time ago cannot eat as much as they did before. So now, they want to eat alot and they became competitive about food. They did not share it to any one, when in the past with no village B) person, if they saw some one with only 3 apples and they had 20 apples, they would share.
My mind might change during this week, but right now, I am thinking that I might do a TED talk type of thing with a little powerpoint show with just the headings on and I will show 2 little clips.  I will show one video clip about the facts of what is happening around the world which is related to poverty.  And the other video clip which I would show last would be a video clip from youtube called if the world was a village of 100 people. In the middle part, I would explain my audience about what is happening, why poverty is happening, ( The Cause of Poverty) How poverty is affecting on people, how I feel about it, and what I think we should do to help people living in poverty (How we as a community can help people living in poverty)  and how the goverments, organizations and some projects are doing to help people get out of the poverty cycle.  The look, even though it might not be a good idea, a little booth with only one desk and a computer on and some photos all around the table. I will atract people’s attention by showing the little video clip with the facts of poverty that I will make.
These are the resources that will help develope my presentation:
1) Photo Story
2) Power Point
3) You Tube
4) Mr. Will’s help to make the Power Point look clear, simple and to the point
5) and Flickr Storm
6) Photo Bucket
Mr. Will can help me on making the Photo Story ( A little video clip) look good and also the Power Point look attractive, but simple, clear and to the point.
My Plan is that my mom did not come to talk to us and I haven’t got all the information, so I will start finding good pictures from series of Flickr and Photo Bucket and start making my little video clip with Photo Story.

Access to food water shelter education and Medical care-Mari

March 18, 2010

5 whys:

1. Because I feel bad for the people who are suffering for food, water and shelter, also medical care

2. Because many people who is poor cannot buy food, water, shelter and pay fees for education and medical care, so they easily die

3. Because they didn’t have proper education so they cannot get a job

4. Because they were born in a poor family/country or because they were afraid of their city and they came to another city in that country

5. Because their parents didn’t get a proper education and couldn’t get a job, their goverment isn’t strong and not caring for the community and because some natural disaster or a war happened in their city

5 statements:

1. Many people die or suffer alot from not getting access to food, water, shelter and medical care.

2. When they don’t get education, they can’t get a proper job and they won’t know what to do if something happened to them.

3. Sometimes, the community can’t have access to food, water, shelter and medical care because their goverment is not caring about them and the goverment does not share or organize the community.

4. Countries or families or people that suffers from not getting acess to food, water, shelter and medical care has to have help from some one.

5. I think many countries in western asia and africa doesn’t get the equal acess to food, water, shelter and medical care.


March 4, 2010


My turtle is small,

so it went to the mall.

 He brought a fish,

and a made a wish.

 The turtle was grumpy,

so he went to hungry.

 He ate a small  gum,

and had lots of fun!

 The turtle had lots of guts,

so he made a big hut. 

 He went to have a leep,

and went to sleep.

 All alone in the darkness there was that checky little turtle.

Mari POG

February 2, 2010

My Gradual Release of Responsibility goal was to wake up by myself.
Every morning, my dad was waking me up because I always forgot to put on my alarm.
To achieve my goal, I have been put a reminder on my bed side table to put on my alarm and I have said to my dad that I have this Gradual Release of Responsibility goal and that I have to wake up by myself from now on.
Some times, the alarm comes into my dream and be something else’s sound like some one’s stopwatch on their watch. I am still practicing it, but this week, my dad never woke me up yet.
I some times could not wake up at 5:50 AM because I sleep around 9 PM so I think maybe I should actually sleep around 8 PM so I have enough sleep during the night.
I still want to get better at waking up by myself so I would try to wake up every morning perfectly at 5:50 AM so I could get to the school MONTRI bus on time.

Holes Reflection Mari

February 1, 2010

I thought Holes was a very exciting and interesting book. I will give this book a 100/10 in fraction. which means 10 out of ten. I did not really like it when Mr. Chris stopped reading the book because the boys at the back were being naughty or there was a teacher coming to our class disturbing. (Most of the time, it was Mr. Sam) When ever Mr. Chris gave us a reading home work, to read Holes by our selves, I wanted to read more than Mr. Chris told me to but I just stopped my self from it because it would not be interesting when Mr. Chris read the extra part I read to the rest of the class.

I think My favourite scene was the scene when Stanley and Zero was out on the BIG THUMB, actually middle of no where. I liked it because that scene, that only scene was very adventurous and very exciting. I wondered why Zero had named the rottened Katie Barlow’s Peach Jam SPLOOSH.
My favourite character was Stanley and Zero because they are kind and not mean and their honest, but I do not like the other boys especially X-RAY because he was very mean to Stanley. It is also because X-RAY cheated by saying “If you ever find anything interesting, give it to me” and getting the day off. I thought that it was fair enough for Stanley to get the day off because he was the one that found it and he is a nice guy. I thought it this way because also, he was actually innocent and came to Camp Green lake. I kind of thought Mr. Pendanski was a nice councelour at the beginning comparing to Mr. Sir or to the Warden, but I thouhgt he was quite selfish because when ever some thing was going to happen to him, he just blamed on other boys. I thought it was kind of unfair that Zero was said by everyone that he was nothing because Zero was still a human whom had the equal rights with every one else in the world.

Overall, I thought this book was amazing and Now, I actually think that it would be okay to give a million out of ten.

Mari Organization Provocations

January 12, 2010


1. I’m just not an organized person………

I disagree with it. It is because I think we all could be not an organized person  at first. Although, you’ll need to start being organized through your life. I think if you don’t be an organized person, when you grow  up and start living your self, your house would be an awful mess and it will give many problems to your life. So I think being not an organized person at first is okay, but that you cannot use that excusement through your whole life.  You have to be organized in some way.       

2. There is no link between being organized and being successful..

I also disagree with this Provocation. Maybe in someways, being organized doesn’t have a link between being successful but for example works, I think there is a big link between them. Even to do just a home work you need to be organized to success/finish it. I think it this way because you really have to be organized with your time, (e.g. when to do this and that) you need to be organized to bring it to home and hand in your home work. (Otherwise you might lose it and get scold by a teacher) It is the exactly same with your job when you grow up. For example when you have to write like a report, or anything, there is always a deadline. Same as the home work, you need to be organized with your time. For some jobs, it will much be harder. You will get a huge amount of papers and you’ll need to ORGANIZE where they go so you don’t lose them. What if there was some thing important written on. (Like a home work sheet with all home work you need to do.) If you lose it, then you won’t know! Then you won’t be able to success. BUT if you are organized and you had that information, you might be able to success! This is why being organized and being successful are connected.


December 10, 2009
Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly

Butterfly Description:

This butterfly is a monarch butterfly. It has Orange wings and black
out lines on each part. In the black outline, there are many dots.
Some are white small ones that are at the edge and some are yellow big
ones that are just beside the orange wings.
This Monarch butterfly has got I think two big wings and two small wings.
This butterfly has a standing out black body with thin and long black
anttenas. In this photograph, this butterfly is opening its wings very wide.
A Butterfly, a beautiful orange butterfly
Black lines all around, with circles white and yellow.
Flapping and Flapping the big orange wings
Flying up high to the sky.
Now its a rest
On a yellow round pollen.
Srrp Srrp Srrp
Its time to go
Again flap, flap flap, goes the orange wings
Flying up high to the sky,
Till the next rest time.
A Butterfly, a beautiful orange Monarch butterfly
Black lines all around, with circles white and yellow.
By: Mari Katusno

The Rhinoceros Beetle

December 10, 2009
This is a Rhinoceros Beetle

This is a Rhinoceros Beetle

This small and strong beetle looks like a Rhinoceros. That’s why it’s called a Rhinoceros beetle. Male Rhinoceros beetles have two powerful horns as females have none. Amazingly Rhinoceros beetles can carry up to 850 times their weight.


The Rhinoceros beetle

The icky Rhinoceros beetle,

Small and strong,

Some are brown,

And some are green.

The two powerful horns on its head,

Crawling around,

Waiting to kill.

What did you think of the novel ‘Ruby Holler’?

September 23, 2009

Ruby Holler Cover

6CB have been reading the novel ‘Ruby Holler’ by Sharon Creech.