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Online Guidelines – In Plain English?

May 17, 2010

Well I have an idea for you – I have been wanting to make the NIST Online Guidelines easier for people to understand.

With there being no school this week I thought some of you might be up for a fun challenge.

The challenge would be to make the Online Guidelines (click on the link below) into an “In Plain English” video.

If you take up the challenge and you finish the task then just upload it to youtube and send it in.

Good Luck

NIST Online Guidelines

Answer to our Provocations:Mari

May 17, 2010

1) Girls are much mature than boys

I disagree with this provocation because its not always girls that are matre but boys could also be mature if they are, or if they try to be matrue. I think any person in the world could be mature.

2) Boys only need to know ablut boy’s bodies adn girls only need to know about girl’s body

I disagree adn agree with this provocation. It is because maybe, some won’t need to or they might not want to learn and know about people’s body who is not he same gender as them selves. I don’t think it really matters.

3) Families are not important…who needs them?

I totally disagree with this provocation because I think families are the most important thing in your life. I think because many people learn from their family about ourside world and when you’re bullied by others, your family could be the one to help you. I think families are the most important because you could rely on them and you could learn from them.

Mari Katsuno 6CB ūüôā

Exhibition Reflection

May 10, 2010

What did you feel went really well for you during your Exhibition?

Our group cooperatide really well so we completed a full movie and a powerpoint to show most of our important information we found out.  When we were putting the movie together there were IT problems and some arguments about some of the ideas but we just moved on. I also really feel good for the fact that I have improved on speaking in front of a big audience. Usually I would have mixed up my words but with my group there with me and I was proud of what we had done I improved on speaking in a big audience. I also was really proud of our video because we had done it in a short time and it wasnt all boring facts being said.

What difficulties did you have and how did you deal with them?

Well our group’s difficulties were that we had arguments on some desisions. Like when we wanted to do the behind¬†the¬†scenes jumping we argued about should we do it together or one by one. The arguments we had were little so mostly after we had a vote or somethingit would¬†be over. Most of us agreed on differnet things and also argued that one or another wasnt doing anywork.¬†Another diifficulty was that on the¬†apple mac computer it kept on cutting some of the bits so¬†people said that that should be our improvemen because it wasnt that professional. Also ¬†

What have you learned about yourself?

I learnt that when there is something needed to be done we have to get ti done not let others do the work do it your self because everyday out there someone is doing that job.  I have also learned that I am interested in problems that are to do with my age from my experience so that I can get how it feels better that thinking what it would fel like to be in that situation. I also learnt that I like to present my work to the audience in the most fasinatimg way so they can get our message across.  In this the most interesting way to get the message across would depend on what the age of the audience is.

What ‚Äėbig ideas did you take away from the Exhibition?

The big idea I took away from exhibition firstly from my topic was whever you cyberbully it hurts, you have the right to chat to your friends to play games with thm but not to do anything that would hurt their feelings. Everyone has the rights to use electronic devices but they still have the responsibility’s to cope with. The other thing I took away from exhibition is the good presentation style. We made a video and edited by the apple mac computer now I know when I take a scene I need to wait 5 seconds before I start so the speaking wont be cut off. Since we also did a powerpoint we kept in pretty simple but we needed more expression so the audience wont get bored.

How will you continue to move forward with your learning ‚Äď what will you do to live with the future in mind?

With what I have learnt I will take it along to my future but I will not make a group to look at everyones conversation because I think that they have the rights to have a private conversation. I will not hurt anyones feeling online I will not talk back in a meen way if they start to bully me online as everyone says one makes a difference. So if I dont cyber bully anyone then there is already a big difference by one.

 What have you learned about group work?

I have learnt a lot in exhibition about group work. The first thing is when you have decided on who you would like to work with dont just choose your friends because if you have a disagreement it can leed to a big fight, but choose someone who has the same subject as you and who you can work well with. Also group work is difficult not everyone gets there way but you just have to cope with that because everyone needs to get theire own way once to make it equal.  If I had worked on my own it would have been more work but I would always get my way but I always thought working in a group could raise your skills except independance.

Exhibition- (@mr!t@) Amrita 6CB :)

May 10, 2010

What did you feel went really well for you during your Exhibition?

I felt scared and worried because we had less time to get our stuff ready. At the last 2 weeks, I was getting worried that we have¬† nothing to show yet because we didn’t really have and information to show till that day. I even felt happy at the end of exhibition(showing day). I felt happy because EXHIBITION IS¬†FINALLY OVER! but I had the most fun and funny parts at Exhibition.

What difficulties did you have and how did you deal with them?

We had one difficulty. The problem was that Sanjana went to London in the Songkran break, But over there the Volcano¬†ash came¬†out! So she was stuck there for One Week! So we weren’t sure if she would allow Vishuka and I to do work and choose what we are going to do. Over all when Sanjana came back she was Impressed with our work. So Vishuka and I manged to get some work done.

 What have you learned about yourself?

I learnt that I’m¬†a fun person to work with and I take the work as important¬†to me so, I don’t have to worry about it. I can some time be little mean.

What ‚Äėbig ideas did you take away from the Exhibition?


How will you continue to move forward with your learning ‚Äď what will you do to live with the future in mind?

When I grow up to be an Adult, I might do a TED talk to make people UNDERSTAND what happens¬†every day to the families¬†and kids who don’t¬†have Basic Needs and Money like us. If I cant do this TED talk then when ever it comes to like choose your own topic and present your information. I will do the topic that I did for Exhibition. If I don’t feel like doing this topic then I will tell people to donate.

What have you learned about group work?

I have learnt that how to make a good group work not shouting or screaming or anything else which can cause a FIGHT!

Exhibition Comment Reflection Questions By: Tanya:)

May 10, 2010

What did you feel went really well for you during your Exhibition?

I think the thing that went really well for me during my exhibition was my Ted Talk. I think it  was really good and it got the message across to most people. After my Ted Talk was over the look on the audiences faces was great. It looked that they were really impressed with my speech and they wanted to learn more about this attitude and about the club that i launched. I am very happy that this Ted Talk and my exhibition went really well!

What difficulties did you have and how did you deal with them?

Some difficulties that I faced were….

* What Idea To Choose!!!

So many ideas to choose from!

That I had some things in my mind that i wanted to do but I could only do one. So that was quite difficult to choose. I had to choose between what my mind and my brain said and what my heart said. My mom told me to follow my heart because they heart pumps blood to every part of the body and everything you really want to do is in there. Other than the brain in the brain we all have a chatter box and that tells you hat to do. You have to destroy the chatter box and follow your heart.

What have you learned about yourself?

I have learnt that sometimes for projects I have to follow my heart on which topic I want to do and which topic I am interested in and not follow my friends and copy what they are doing.  I have also know learnt to become more independent and capable. I have also learnt that I can communicate well with teachers and younger kids and can be a good leader for my club.

What ‚Äėbig ideas did you take away from the Exhibition?

Some of the big ideas I took away from the exhibition are that i should always stay positive and follow my heart when I¬†make a decision. I also have to remember to stay calm and if someone says something to me don’t start hating them look at their plus points ( What they have done good) not their minus points (what they have done bad.)

How will you continue to move forward with your learning ‚Äď what will you do to live with the future in mind?

I will continue to move forward with my learning by always staying positive at times. Start teaching people not only at NIST ¬†about the “I Can” ¬†Attitude!

What challenges did you face working as an individual and how did you overcome these?

The challenges that I had to face were having to go to meetings and ask people for permission for me to open this “I Can” club at NIST. Other things were trying to make my words that I say to teach people about this attitude clear and easy to understand.

Otherwise it was great and I am looking forward of doing something like this again!



May 10, 2010

I think one thing that went well was the way we had explained to the people how we could improve the problem and whats going to happen if we don’t do something about it.

Some of our difficulties were some people in our group only wanted to do their own ideas and not really listen the others ideas and we didn’t work well.But we got a long after a while.

I learnt that I should do a bit more researching because i didn’t do much. But during the presentation time I did quite a bit of work.

Now i will use more of the BTS and walk to some close place the I can walk to.

I learnt that sometimes working in a group is worse because not everything goes your way all the time. But on the other side it’s better because not all the work is on you so it’s split up and it’s a lot easier for you.


May 4, 2010

Today saw Chanin’s groups project about illegal pet trade.

Star 1. Chanin had brought a iguana to the exhibition so it showed some endangered species and what they sell in the in the illegal trade.

Star 2. Chanin’s group had got a game to teach people about the illegal pet trade of endangered animals.

Wish. I think the iguana was a bad idea showing it all the time because I think some people only came to see the iguana. I think they should have covered up the iguana and when people finished listening they could see it like what we did with our group. We had a traffic game to play but they could only play when the finished listening to us.

The sencond one is Ryoga’s project and it’s about endangered marine life

Star 1 Ryoga’s information was very intresting

Star 2 When i heard Ryoga presentate he was very confident and I could tell he new what he was going
to say

Whish I think he should got more accurate information because he said 190 sharks die a minute so around about 3 sharks die a sencond. Well I’m not sure thats realy correct but it could be it don’t really know.

By Rayisht


April 22, 2010

Today, I have finished my little video about what is happening because of Poverty. (The Facts I call it) And today, I also started my power point presentation with full page picture and some headings on. I did my power point presentation and finished it until the cause of Poverty part. I tried to keep it a minimum of words and only key points so like as Mr. Will said before, 80% of the presentation would be the presenter, and the 20% of the presentation would be the presentation its self.

Today, my mom came to visit and talk to us about the issue Poverty and Child Education. I learnt many things that my mom would not talk to me about, at home. But, I had some stuff that I knew because I talked with my mom a little at home.¬† I learnt from my mom that there are many faces of poverty. I learnt that there are Absolute Poverty¬†¬†which is when people have no food, no water, no shelter and clothes and live with less than a dollar a day, and some thing called Relative Poverty which they have a minimum amount of food, water, clothes, a small roof over their head and they can live if they try their best to live.¬† I learnt that Poverty doesn’t always mean¬†that¬†they have no¬†money but that it¬†means hunger, that they have no freedom, no job, no education, they cannot read, write or do simple calculation like 1 add 1 and 1 add 2.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I¬†had several¬† questions for my mom to think about and one of them was ”Why are women and girls in some country taken away the right to be educated?” My mom said that it was because many of their parents thought women and girls were just for giving birth, do the house work, and just make the generation go on forever. So, parents thought girls weren’t needed to be educated. But, today, I found out that it is not always girls that are taken away the rights to be educated. I found out that in some country like Mongolia, people there go around with camels and live all over place. But people there do not won’t some thing to happen to girls so they just send them to bording schools and boys, when they think their son is enough educated, they take them out of school and make them help the father take care of the horses and the camels and help the father to set up the tent. I was surprised by the information that in Thailand, many boys drop out of school when they are about in secondary level and most girls go up till university. But the one who gets richer and gets a good job is the men and boys. I thought that was quite unfair that boys say they don’t want to learn and drop out and the girls learn very hard but they cannot have good jobs in their future and boys do.

The things that I found that was difficult for me (Some difficulties I had) was finding good pictures that really really relates to the issue Poverty and Child Education. It was one kind of difficulty for me because flickr, flickr storm, photo bucket, they all have good quality pictures that would not be pixolated than google images, but in those three web sites flickr, flickr storm and photo bucket, they all had pictures that was not real life pictures (like the actors are doing it) and many pictures that weren’t relating at all to the issue poverty and Child Education.

I expect my job to be done like this:

  • April 23rd Friday- Finish up the power point presentation
  • April 26th Monday- Do some editing of presentation and Start thinking about what I am going to say
  • April 27th Tuesday- Start writing the Script, Q-Cards, notes on power point
  • April 28th Wednesday- Finish up and edit the script, q-cards, notes.
  • April 29th Thursday- Start practicing the presentation by my own and get it quite all of it in my head
  • April 30th Friday- Start practicing to other students who are also finish in my class and get some comments, improve it and still keep on practicing until the very end of the period
  • May 1st Saturday- Practice one last time of presentation and get perfectly ready for the presentation day May 3rd Monday in Student Led confrences

Exhibition 2- Dianne‚ô•

April 22, 2010
  • The progress you have made in developing your presentation

My group and I have nearly finished our presentation. For our presentation, we were thinking of making a sculpture. On these few days we had stack up 4 A4 boxes together and cover them with white A3 and A4 paper. Then we had wrapped the 4 boxes up again with green paper. We had also made some collages of people, cities, cars, pollution, animals, farmland and houses. After we made the collages, we printed them out and stick them on the boxes.

  • What you have achieved so far

My group and I had achieved in making the sculpture, wrapping the sculpture up, cutting the animals and sticking the animals on the sculpture. We had also achieved in writing down the information about 10 endangered animals.

  • Who was helped you and how (if anyone)

Ms. Kate was teaching us and also helping us how to wrap up the boxes. Mr. Chris was giving ideas about how we could make the presentation look like. Ms. Dawn was giving us the idea of using the A4 box to build the sculpture.

  • Things that have caused you difficulty (if any)

We had difficulties in wrapping the boxes because first we don’t know how to wrap them until Ms.Kate came to help us. We also had difficulties in fitting the pictures on the boxes because we need to see how much paper we have to print out for each one and also sometimes we need to cut the pictures in half because it doesn’t fit the box.

  • What your plans are for the next few days ‚Äď show a timeline of how you expect to get the job done

Friday- Practice what we are going to say when we present.

Monday- See where we should stand and how we should put the sculpture.

Tuesday- Practice what we should say.

Wednesday- Practice what we should say.

Thursday- Try practicing to Mr. Chris or other groups and gets their feedback. We also need to put up the animals information on to the string and connect the string to the boxes.

Friday- Done and is ready for presenting on Monday.

  • Any problems or issues you need help with.

I don’t think my group and I have any problems or issues because I think we could work well together.


April 20, 2010
  • The most important 5 things you have found out through your inquiry.
  1. I found out that people population is growing and then we are taking the animals space, so soon the animals could all be gone because they have not got enough space.
  2. People are eating the animals or sometimes people take the animal’s body part and sell it and they could get a lot of money for selling them.
  3. I also found out that if there is only one animal gone from the food chain the others would also get affected too.
  4. I found out that people are using so much resources and it’s affecting the animals.
  5. I found out that animals that are extremely endangered are kept in zoos for protection but the zoos don’t have the resources needed to save all of them.
  • The most important thing you would like people who visit your Exhibition presentation, to come away understanding.

I want people to know that we should help the animals because we are causing trouble for the world and also ourselves too. I also want people to know that if we don’t stop this problem it’s also like we are killing ourselves because without animals we are going to die.

  • What is your presentation going to be ‚Äď what it will be/look like/be presented

We are going to make 3 sculpture of how people are over populating and pushing the animals down. Between the 3 sculptures we were thinking of hanging a string and hang the animals on it and behind the animals are some information.

  • What resources you will need to develop your presentation ‚Äď make a list
  1. Boxes
  2. Paper
  3. Glue
  4. String
  5. Scissors
  6. Laptop
  7. Tape
  • Who can help you with your presentation ‚Äď is there an expert or Compass Guide¬†who can help you

I think Ms. Caroline because we need mostly art materials and Ms. Caroline has many art materials. Another reason why I think she could help me with the presentation is because she could give us some advice about how to make the 3D box and also some other advices.

  • What your plans are for starting/continuing your presentation

My group and I planned to start bringing in things and we’re starting to make our presentation.