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Patterns Post – Wednesday May 19

May 18, 2010

On Wednesday you will be asked to post your 2 best number/letter/colour patterns on the blog as a comment for this posting.

It would be great if you could use some imagination in putting your pattern together.

Let’s see if we can get some good conversations going about the different patterns our class members make by adding comments about the patterns they record.


Provocations for Tuesday May 18

May 17, 2010

Please DO NOT post your answers as new postings.

Simply make them a comment from this posting.


Here are today’s provocations (statements that make you think).

 1. Friends can help you overcome any problem…..

 2. It’s best to have just have one best friend….

 3. Friends are important to everyone…..

 Read at least 10 other peoples comments and see if we can get some respectful discussions around the provocations. It will be fun to see what ideas people have and how others react to them. Keep commenting until you have made about 10 comments.

Read instructions carefully……

May 17, 2010

Some people did not read their instructions that carefully. Your provocations were meant to be comments, not new blog postings. Please read your instructions very carefully everybody.

For those who did post their ideas as a posting, just leave it there. Next time check carefully what needs to be done.

More lessons will be coming to you for tomorrow.

Have a nice evening,

Mr Chris

Answers to our provocations….

May 16, 2010

If possible, do this activity between 9.20 and 10.30.

As a comment, type in to this blog posting your answers to the provocations that you wrote on Friday. The provocations are:

1.Girls are much more mature than boys….

 2. Boys only need to know about boys bodies and girls only need to know about girl’s bodies….

 3. Families are not that important, who needs them…..?

Read at least 5 other peoples comments and see if we can get some respectful discussions around the provocations. It will be fun to see what ideas people have and how others react to them. Keep commenting until you have made about 10 comments.

School Work for Friday May 14

May 14, 2010

Please check your NIST email account. The work has been emailed to you.

Have agood day.

Mr Chris

Homework task 10/5/10

May 10, 2010

Last week we completed our Exhibition. Having had a week or so to think about things, write some responses to these in a new blog posting. Copy and paste them in to help you do this well.

What did you feel went really well for you during your Exhibition?

What difficulties did you have and how did you deal with them?

What have you learned about yourself?

What ‘big ideas did you take away from the Exhibition?

How will you continue to move forward with your learning – what will you do to live with the future in mind?

Choose one of the following questions:

If you worked in a group: What have you learned about group work?

If you worked on your own: What challenges did you face working as an individual and how did you overcome these?

Homework Blog Posting for week 19-23 April

April 20, 2010

This week we need to really focus on how we are going to Synthesise our information. We need to:

  1. Organise our information so we can seethe big picture of what we have found out
  2. Prepare to present the information in an interesting and engaging  way

Use your homework time to work on your presentation and to complete the 2 required Blog postings.

This week you will need to record two postings on the blog – once around Tuesday/Wednesday and once on Thursday afternoon/evening. Follow the guidelines belwo to help you do this effectively.


Explain in clear sentences – use a paragraph for each:

  •  The most important 5 things you have found out through your inquiry.
  • The most important thing you would like people who visit your Exhibition presentation, to come away understanding.
  • What is your presentation going to be – what it will be/look like/be presented
  • What resources you will need to develop your presentation – make a list
  • Who can help you with your presentation – is there an expert or Compass Guide who can help you
  • What your plans are for starting/continuing your presentation


Explain in clear sentences – use a paragraph for each:

  • The progress you have made in developing your presentation
  • What you have achieved so far
  • Who was helped you and how (if anyone)
  • Things that have caused you difficulty (if any)
  • What your plans are for the next few days – show a timeline of how you expect to get the job done
  • Any problems or issues you need help with.

Good luck and work hard – your results will reflect the effort you putinto your work!

Mr Chris

We Want Your Ideas!

March 31, 2010

We Want Your Ideas!

On the morning of Monday, May 3rd , you will be making your Exhibition presentations to your parents. Before this however, we will have a short opening ceremony in the Theatre to welcome your parents and celebrate all the hard work you have done in your inquiries.

The Year 6 Teachers are interested to hear your ideas about how we could do this opening ceremony. Do you have any exciting/creative ideas for the ceremony?

As you know there are many different ways we could do this and we are looking for your inspiration. If you have an idea, please add it as a comment to this blog posting. If you have more than one idea that’s fine, add that aswell.

The teachers will be looking at all the ideas and from here we will work with some students to work out a plan for this event. We look forward to seeing all your inspiring and creative ideas.


Mr Chris

The letter sent to your parents

March 31, 2010

Dear 6CB students,

Can you plese check that your parents got this information by email. If not, they can read it here on the blog.


Mr Chris

Dear Parents,

 The Exhibition is progressing well and the students are now well and truly immersed in their inquiries. I would like to give you some information regarding our Exhibition Timeline and some events that have been planned. Please add the following date to your diary or organiser.

 The Exhibition Opening Ceremony will be help on the morning of May 3 between approximately 9.00 and 10.00am in the NIST Theatre. This will be followed by the students presenting their learning to you at various venues around the NIST campus. These presentations will be completed in approximately one hour.

 As this will be the Student Led Conference Day for other NIST students, parents of other elementary students will have their Student Led Conferences scheduled at times other than during the Exhibition events. Further details and invitations will be sent to you in the future to confirm these details.

 In the meantime, please find below a timeline of how we expect the inquiry to progress in the next few weeks.

 A General Guideline to the Remainder of the Exhibition

Please note – there may be slight differences between individual classes and students

Week of 29/3-2/4 – inquiring into the student’s topic

Week  of 5/4- 9/4 (short week 3 school days)- continue inquiring into the student’s topic

Week of 12/4 – 16/4 – Songkran Break

Week of 19/4-23/4 – finish inquiry and start developing a plan of how to present/actions

Week of 26/4-30/4 – work on presentation/actions

Week of 3/5 -7/5 – Opening Ceremony and student presentations to parents and school community Monday 3/5 and 4/5

                                – Students reflect on their learning during the Exhibition 5/5 and 6/5

 Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s class teacher.

 Kind regards,


 Mr Chris Boreham

Year 6 Co-ordinator

Homework for this week 29/3 – 2/4 2010

March 28, 2010

Well done on a good week starting out the Exhibition, particularly in the ‘Task Definition’ stage of our research. Many of you are starting to ‘thrash out’ the real issues and come up with some great questions about your topic that will help guide your research. You made some positive comments about the sharing session – thanks to those who left a comment.

Don’t forget – use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation (use Microsoft Word and copy and paste into the blog if you need to).

Be careful not to use – ‘Me and my group….’ or ‘I and my group….’

The correct grammar is ‘ My group and I….’ – remember, always put yourself last in a list of people!

This week for Homework you will need to:

  • Post a Blog entry as per my instructions below
  • Do some mathletics
  • Start using your Homework time to find information for your inquiry

Remember  – you will get out of the Exhibition exactly what you put into it – don’t leave everything to the last minute!!!!

Blog Guidelines for this week:

As part of your Exhibition it is an expectation that you will keep a record/journal of your learning. 6CB will be doing this in the blog for a minimum of 3 times per week.

Here are some things on which you will need to comment as a minimum. Of course you may add any further comments if you wish:

  • What did I achieve today?
  • What are some new things I learned today?
  • List several sources? Comment by each:

How did I find them?

In what ways did they change what I was thinking or what I knew about the topic?

  • What are some new questions I have now about what you learned today? (there iws always  something)
  • What is my plan for the next few days?

Good luck with your Exhibition Inquiry this week.

Mr Chris