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Exhibition star and a wish

May 9, 2010

I looked at Alfie`s group and Aditya`s group

2 star

I think Alfie`s booth was very attracting because it had lots of pictures of very bad diseases.

I also thought that it was good to put good pictures and to make the people smell what its like and bringing some real Tobacco because it thought me lots about it because since the exhibition day I only saw Tobacco.

1 wish

I think he could have  made an little presentation because I think he could have done that then standing around and watching people looking at his amazing pictures.

2 star

I think Aditya`s group had a good piece of art bringing little cars and trains. It also had facts about how to prevent traffic and lots more.

I also thought his facts were good because it talked about preventing traffic and the 4 points of views.

1 wish

I think he could have got some more facts and more about why or how traffic is caused.

Thursday exhibition

April 22, 2010

The progress you have made in developing your presentation

What you have achieved so far

We achieved to almost finish our jeopardy and Tow has finished his script. We got lots of information from the interview of BMA. We recorded the information on to a video.

Who has helped you and how (if anyone

The BMA person helped alot because we asked a person for the first time. We only looked at websites and books before. Also Tow had a great idea of the game Jeopardy. Also Mr. Chris helped us with the rules of Jeopardy.

What your plans are for the next few days – show a timeline of how you expect to get the job done

We plan to finish up Jeopardy and the script tommorow or Monday so we can start setting up. Also I think we have to finish the Jeopardy and the script because Tow is not going to be here on the last 2 days.

Any problems or issues you need help with

It was difficult to make up possible answers A, B, C because it had to make the wrong one as interesting so the contesters will make a mistake.


April 8, 2010

What I achieved to today

I achieved to get ready for the BMA` s questions by organising it to different section. I also achieved to get lots of our information into one document and organising it into the each compass sections. Our group is going to talk with the presentation expert to choose how to present it.

What I learned today

I learned lots of the countries amount of trash and amount of inciniration. I learned that Netherland was has an equal amount of inciniration, dumping and rycycling. America was the country that had the m0st garbage every year.

My Questions

Inciniration and getting more garbage in the landfill wich one is the best to way to treat garbage?

What happens to an full landfill?

Can Toxic things be recycled?


April 3, 2010

What I learned

I learned that BMA is in charge of the whole rubbish in Bangkok.I also learned that landfills are usually made in abandoned mining places. So we made up 17 questions to ask to the head of the BMA.

My questions

Are there any accidents that injured the local workers?

Are you trying to do something to stop those accidents?


April 1, 2010

What I learned

I learned that Landfills was really the easiest way to dispose garbage.  Land fills might cause pollution but if its properly managed it can stop most of the green house gases by choosing the right place and preventing rats to come. If it was a poorly designed landfill chemicals can flow and the ground gets bad.

My questions

How long does a land fill last?

Does recycling factories also make waste?


March 31, 2010

What we did

Our group interviewed Khun Bo because we thought he knew lots of things about Nist`s waste disposal. He knew lots of things about it and we got Kun Bo`s information.

What I learned

I learned that garbage guys comes to collect the garbage of Nist at 3 to 4 am. also we found out that Water waste in Nist are cleaned before it goes to the klong and recyclable materials are sold to recycling factories.


If burning is bad does it mean dumping is bad?

How long does a Landfill last?


March 25, 2010

1. My group finished what question we are going to ask and already send the a mail to some people.

2.We did not learn anything because we were just making question and sending it.

4. How are we going to presentate when we get the information?

Exhibition 1

March 24, 2010

1. We finished adding few sources into noodlebib and shared different ideas with similar groups.

2.We learned lots about plastic bag pollution.

3.We used brainpop because it was easy to research on and we got general information.

4.We talked about pollution alot today so I have lots of questions about the system of waste disposing.

My local area Yoshikaze

March 17, 2010


I like my place because its close to School,Emporium,BTSstation, my dogs pet shop. I also like it because I know lots of people around the area like the restaurant people and supermarket people. There are lots of Japanese people living also so we gather in special days.


I live between soi35 and 33/1. Soi 33 is crowded but soi 35 is hot and bored with some big houses. I very dislike that Thai parks dont allow dogs. It also floods alot around soi33 when it rains.


I hope that parks allow dogs.

I hope that flooding stops.

I hope that the littering stops.


I fear that some of my favorite restaurants will close down fo construting new buildings.

I fear that because lots of new buildings be constructed our shortcuts be destroyed.

I fear that many free spaces will be constructed to something else that I have no where to play.

Chitralada palace

March 10, 2010

The palace had many farms and little factories that the part we saw did not look like a palace. It was cool with lots of gaurds and a moat. Ithought the king is a great person doing lots of new things that other Thai people have never done.

I think the access to equal opportunities describes best because the milk tablets made Thai people have milk commonly. Also I think beecause the king is making the products the Thai people becomes confident to buy the product.

Why does the king wants to try lots of things?