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Exhibition Comment Reflection Questions By: Tanya:)

May 10, 2010

What did you feel went really well for you during your Exhibition?

I think the thing that went really well for me during my exhibition was my Ted Talk. I think it  was really good and it got the message across to most people. After my Ted Talk was over the look on the audiences faces was great. It looked that they were really impressed with my speech and they wanted to learn more about this attitude and about the club that i launched. I am very happy that this Ted Talk and my exhibition went really well!

What difficulties did you have and how did you deal with them?

Some difficulties that I faced were….

* What Idea To Choose!!!

So many ideas to choose from!

That I had some things in my mind that i wanted to do but I could only do one. So that was quite difficult to choose. I had to choose between what my mind and my brain said and what my heart said. My mom told me to follow my heart because they heart pumps blood to every part of the body and everything you really want to do is in there. Other than the brain in the brain we all have a chatter box and that tells you hat to do. You have to destroy the chatter box and follow your heart.

What have you learned about yourself?

I have learnt that sometimes for projects I have to follow my heart on which topic I want to do and which topic I am interested in and not follow my friends and copy what they are doing.  I have also know learnt to become more independent and capable. I have also learnt that I can communicate well with teachers and younger kids and can be a good leader for my club.

What ‘big ideas did you take away from the Exhibition?

Some of the big ideas I took away from the exhibition are that i should always stay positive and follow my heart when I make a decision. I also have to remember to stay calm and if someone says something to me don’t start hating them look at their plus points ( What they have done good) not their minus points (what they have done bad.)

How will you continue to move forward with your learning – what will you do to live with the future in mind?

I will continue to move forward with my learning by always staying positive at times. Start teaching people not only at NIST  about the “I Can”  Attitude!

What challenges did you face working as an individual and how did you overcome these?

The challenges that I had to face were having to go to meetings and ask people for permission for me to open this “I Can” club at NIST. Other things were trying to make my words that I say to teach people about this attitude clear and easy to understand.

Otherwise it was great and I am looking forward of doing something like this again!


Exhibition By: Tanya:)

April 22, 2010
  • The progress you have made in developing your presentation

The progress that I have made to develop my presentation is that my club is closer to coming alive and it’s getting more exciting every day. I have started to think about what to say in my ted talk.



  • What you have achieved so far

What I have achieved so far is that my club has its first six members. I have requested and arranged for Ms. Ashley and Ms. Julia to be the supervisors for the club. I have also created a logo for my club.


  • Who has helped you and how (if anyone)

Ms Ashley, Mr. Doug, Ms Julia, and Mr. Simon Millward have been helping me tremendously.

Ms Julia has been helping me narrow down the kids for my club and to find some activities to do with them. She has also helped me to write letters to Ms Sita and to the six kid’s parents.

Ms. Ashley has helped me by setting up the dates that club can meet. She has also helped me put together this club.

Mr. Doug has helped me by giving me permission to start this club at NIST and he has helped me arrange the time and place for the club.

Finally Mr. Simon has helped me book the club room.

I am very thankful to my very helpful teachers.


  • Things that have caused you difficulty (if any)

Everything has been smooth so far.


  • What are your plans are for the next few days – show a timeline of how you expect to get the job done

I am planning to make a poster to show and teach people a little about the “I Can” attitude. I am also starting to write up my speech for my ted talk.



  • Any problems or issues you need help with?

Some problems I need help with are things I am going to teach in my club. I also need help with my ted talk as I will need someone to edit my work.


Exhibition By: Tanya

April 20, 2010

The most important 5 things you have found out through your inquiry.

  1. No matter how little or how much you have you can always put the ” I Can” attitude in action!
  2. Children of today can change the world by everyone one having the ” I Can” attitude!
  3. When you have a positive and strong attitude it could help you to achieve your goals and make your weakness you strengths.
  4. People don’t believe in themselves for many different reasons and this stops them from reaching their greatness.
  5. Most people are unaware that they have the power to change.

The most important thing you would like people who visit your Exhibition presentation, to come away understanding.

The most important thing I would like my people who visit my exhibition to understand, is that When the ” I Can” attitude is contagious no one can stop this world from becoming a better place.

I would also want them to understand what the ” I Can” attitude is and i would like them to put it in action!

What is your presentation going to be – what it will be/look like/be presented

My presentation is going to be a small interesting booth with a table. On the table will be a computer with a small powerpoint playing saying some keywords and quotes on the ” I Can” attitude. I will also making some posters to show a little what the i can attitude means. I will also be doing a ted talk on my topic.  hope it goes well!

What resources you will need to develop your presentation – make a list

  1. laptop

2. Pictures

3. Poster

4. Table with a book that i have been working on

5. A comment book

6. Word search

Who can help you with your presentation – is there an expert or Compass Guide who can help you

For my presentation people who can help me are Ms Ashley, Ms Julia, and Mr Doug!

What your plans are for starting/continuing your presentation

For continuing my exhibition my plans for my presentation is to make sure that I start making my presentation and getting it ready so I got present it!

Tanya 6CB:)

Exhibition By: Tanya:)

April 5, 2010

     What did I achieve today?

Today, I did some research on mentoring. This will help me to find ways to spread the “I Can” bug. I also organized the information that I got from my mom. I wrote down some questions that I need to find answers for. I also found answers to some of the questions Ms Ashley gave me to think about.

    What did you learn today?

Today I learned the key to make every human being powerful. I also learned a lot about mentoring. I learnt what makes a good mentor and how to be successful in mentoring.


      What are some questions I have about what I learnt today?

My Question is: When people feel powerful, how do they make positive changes in their lives and others’ lives??

My question is: Does it take a lot of work and time to be a good mentor?


      What are your plans for the next few days?

My plans for the next few days are doing so experiments with some year four kids that relates to my topic. I also want to learn a little bit more about being a successful mentor.


    What were your sources that you used?


  • Websites that MS Ashley gave me to look at about mentoring.


  • My parents


  • Internet

Exhibition By:Tanya*

April 1, 2010

What did I achieve today?

Today I did research and found out a lot of new things about my topic. I found out things like… The bio of Kiran Bir Sethi who’s video inspired me. I found out about the WHD ( World Human Devolpment), and I planned some images. for my presentation. I made some printouts and some notes.

 What are some new things I learned today?

I learned about Kiran Bir Sethi, her school and how she teaches her students to use the ” I Can” bug. I learned about WHD ( World Human Devolpment) which teaches people about life. I learned that if you hate someone think about the plus points of that person and not the minus points. I also learned that  chantting “I Am The Best” helps you to believe in yourself.

What are some questions I have about what I learnt today?

My question is: What will it take for people to believe in themselves and what will it take for people to have trust and faith in themselves?

What are your plans for the next few days?

My plans for the next few days are to do more research on World Human Devolpment and their work. I want see how i can connect it to the ” I Can” attitude. I will ask my mother questions because she attended their courses.I also want to find out if there are other people in the world that help others to belive in themselves.  

What were your sources that you used?

  • Internet
  • Parents
  • A WHD instructor





March 18, 2010

5 Whys

Why1: Everyone should believe in themselves.

Why2: I  live in a community, it is my duty to help others.

Why3: Because I can help to change my and other people’s lives for the better.

Why4: Because it reminds me that I must do something now.

Why5: Because it gives me the encouragement to reach my goals.

5 Statements:

  1. I want to teach people about the ‘i can’ attitude so they can all use it as a tool to improve lives.
  2. Sometimes I don’t believe in myself.
  3. Using the the i can attitude will make me more confident and positive.
  4. If everyone belives they can, the world will be a better and brighter place.
  5. We can get rid of our doubts and fears.





March 17, 2010

My local Area

Some of the things I like about My local area.

  • Great location
  • We have a lot of restaurants nearby.
  • We have Family Mart and many supermarkets nearby
  • Not much traffic
  • Not much litter
  • Safe
  •  Some of the things I dislike about My local area.
    • A lot of construction going on
    • Many bumps on the road.
    • Noisy
    • No sidewalks
    • Too little greenery

Three hopes I have for the future of my local area.

  • I hope that the construction will stop fast.
  • I hope that they would plant more trees around the area.
  • Make sidewalks for us to walk easily

Three fears that I have about the future of my local area.

  • I fear that they would not plant more trees.
  • I fear that the construction will keep going on and roads will be full of traffic.
  • They’ll dig and drill the roads again

Jamie Oliver -TED Talk By: Tanya

March 15, 2010


  • Buying fresh food from farmers and fresh markets is healthier.
  • Food today is so processed and far from nature because of added sugar, flavor etc. that make people want to eat more.
  • I was shocked at how much sugar is added to milk.
  • It is good that he is reminding us to eat fresh and healthy food.

South- Society

  • Many people are dying from diseases which happen because of bad eating habits.
  • Heart diseases. obesity, diabetes and strokes kill more people than other causes. These happen because of poor eating choices.
  • In USA, there are so many obese people. I am shocked that the 16 year old girl has only 6 years left to live! I hope people can change because the society is suffering.
  • Children don’t know their veggies at all, so they don’t eat them. They should teach us this in class.


  • I am surprised to know that schools are serving junk food to save money. Instead, they should be teaching us to eat healthy.
  • So much money is spent on obesity! In USA, $150 billion was spent!! This is too much!!
  • Supermarkets,fast foods, and big companies should help us cook healthy and reasonable food. They should not only think of money.

West-Well Being

  • Children only eat fast food and junk because that’s all their parents have taught them to eat. Parents are too busy or tired to cook fresh food. This is how families become obese.
  • Diseases like cancer, heart problems, diabetes, obesity can be prevented by eating right.
  • Eating healthy can help us be more clever, more happy and live longer.

Tanya – My Passions’

March 15, 2010
  • Communities and the relationships between them

               Everyone tells us children that the future belongs to us. So, it is up to us to change things by having the “i can” attiude, so that we can see the change, be the change, and lead the change. I want to learn how to make positive changes in my community and in the world. I want to make the ‘i can’ attitude contagious throughout the world.

Tanya’s Reflection on Chitralada Palace!

March 9, 2010

Today  the whole of year 6 classes went to the Chitralada Palace. We all went to see some of his Majesties project and which helped us all to learn about them. Some of the projects we saw were Chakoal factory,  Paper factory, Mushroom factory, Rice factory, Dairy factory and many more. In the projects we saw many interesting things. We saw staff working really hard and producing products such as charcoal, milk tablets and lots more.

I think that the people in thailand would be very happy on all the interesting projects that the king as made.i think the Communities and the relationships between is connected to what i saw today which is teamwork between the staffs. They were working together to get their job finished and they working in a good and sensible way.

Three questions i would ask the king if i ever met him!

where do you get your  inspiration yor your projects from??

How do people speak to you when they want you to do something?

Are you planning to change the world more like adding a spice into thailand and the world?