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May 10, 2010

I think one thing that went well was the way we had explained to the people how we could improve the problem and whats going to happen if we don’t do something about it.

Some of our difficulties were some people in our group only wanted to do their own ideas and not really listen the others ideas and we didn’t work well.But we got a long after a while.

I learnt that I should do a bit more researching because i didn’t do much. But during the presentation time I did quite a bit of work.

Now i will use more of the BTS and walk to some close place the I can walk to.

I learnt that sometimes working in a group is worse because not everything goes your way all the time. But on the other side it’s better because not all the work is on you so it’s split up and it’s a lot easier for you.


May 4, 2010

Today saw Chanin’s groups project about illegal pet trade.

Star 1. Chanin had brought a iguana to the exhibition so it showed some endangered species and what they sell in the in the illegal trade.

Star 2. Chanin’s group had got a game to teach people about the illegal pet trade of endangered animals.

Wish. I think the iguana was a bad idea showing it all the time because I think some people only came to see the iguana. I think they should have covered up the iguana and when people finished listening they could see it like what we did with our group. We had a traffic game to play but they could only play when the finished listening to us.

The sencond one is Ryoga’s project and it’s about endangered marine life

Star 1 Ryoga’s information was very intresting

Star 2 When i heard Ryoga presentate he was very confident and I could tell he new what he was going
to say

Whish I think he should got more accurate information because he said 190 sharks die a minute so around about 3 sharks die a sencond. Well I’m not sure thats realy correct but it could be it don’t really know.

By Rayisht


April 22, 2010

The progress of our presentation is going well because we have started to stick information and pictures on the box and put some cars to make it look like a traffic jam inside of the box. Tomorrow I think we should finish the first box and move on the the second one.

So far we have achieved quite a bit because we nearly have finished the first diorama.

Well, Mr Chris and Ms Dawn have helped us in our presentation by giving us ideas on how we could improve our diorama. Ms Dawn had given us lots of information about the water boat and how they reduce traffic. Ms Dawn also gave us her opinion about water boats and how it was efficient in transporting large number of people.

Some problems we had was that we didn’t have enough time to cut the box and display the traffic so we were all in a rush today and sometimes we all didn’t really concentrate much so we weren’t very productive.

My plans for the next few days is to finish off the first diorama and start the second one by Monday. Quicker would be better by concentrating more on time management.


April 21, 2010

The 5 important things that I learn’t through the inquiry is.

1 Many people bribe the police when they get caught.

2 Is most accidents occur because some people don’t listen to the road rules.

3 That most accidents occur in poorer countries because the rules aren’t very good.

4 Some wealthy people don’t use public transport because it douesn’t match their staus.

5 Thailand is planing to extend the BTS.

Well the most important thing is that I want people to start using
public transport more so theres less traffic and less pollution.

My presentation will be 2 diorama about present and future.

The resources I will need for the diorama is

Toy cars
Toy people
Pictures for the dioramas
BTS tracks
water boats

Mr Chris and some compass guides helped us.

My plan is to finished the diorama.


April 5, 2010

Today i learned that the water boat is a good way to travel to places because it’s very fast. The reason that some people don’t use the boat is that it is dirty and the seats are uncomfortable.
I learned that people should use buses instead of cars because 20 people can fit in one bus so it will take away 20 cars. If more people use it then traffic won’t be a big issue anymore.

Well today i didn’t really achieve much today because I was working on my A3 sheet of paper and that took me a while and I’m still not done with it yet.

My sources was the internet. My primary source is taking to people who take the boat, walk and bike. We haven’t really gone to ask those people yet but we have planed to.

My plan for the next few days are to go ask the people that take the boat, walk and bike some questions about how bad is the traffic and stuff like that.

Today my question is What has the government done to decrease traffic in Bankok.


April 1, 2010

Today my group and I achieved a lot because we had sent a email to someone to ask them if wen could interview the police. We also made a publisher document with the questions that we are going to inquire and our lines of inquiry.

My question today is How is traffic controlled in Bangkok.

Today I learned that 310 cars or more are put on the roads everyday. Also that some car companies are forced sometimes to build hybrid cars.

In the next days my group will answer some of the questions we have to do and tomorrow we may talk to a police about how he controls the traffic.


March 31, 2010

Today I learned traffic is a big issue in Thailand but mostly in Bangkok. It makes people late for work and other stuff and also today I learned a bit about economy from Mr. Adrian.

Today I achieved with my group getting 6 main questions that will use to research.

My question is How does the Bangkok police control the traffic?

My sources was

The internet
Ms. Sue’s websites

Now my plans are to start researching a lot more because we don’t have that much time left and because we finished most of the paper work stuff.


March 29, 2010

I think my group achieved today is finishing the powerpoint
to show to the class tomorrow

Today i learned what people think about traffic and how it affects their lifes.

Some sources was the email by send some people questions about our topic.

I have one questions do some people enjoy traffic?

My plan is preset the powerpoint and use some of that information to do our work.


March 25, 2010

Today my group achieved sending 6cb, 6ss and some teaches some questions to answer.

Well today i didn’t really learn much.

My sources was using the computer to find some information.

Today I don’t have any questions right now.

My plan tomorrow is to get the information from the questions and use them to help us do our work.


March 24, 2010

Today my group started using noodlebib to record our sources.

Today I learned that the topic the we chose is hard and we are the only ones doing it in the entire of year 6.

We got our information from the internet because we were the only ones that are doing this topic.

Well I’m thinking if we can get lots of information on this topic because it’s a very hard topic.

I’m hoping in the next days we could start researching more now.