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Exhibition Reflection Marvin

May 10, 2010

What did you feel went really well for you during your Exhibition?

I think what went well with my exhibition is my presentation because everything went well as we planned and everyone cooperated. Another I thought went well im my group is my presentation way because my group made a game show and it was a very interesting way of presenting a work.

What difficulties did you have and how did you deal with them?

My difficulty is we don’t have something to attract customers like a poster or anything attracting like a model of any other things. The way we solved it was we went calling people and we made a sign by using our game show cards and writing something like we have a games show. We had another difficulty is we had a hard time of choosing a host but then I just became host because we just asked each other and I decided to become host.

What have you learned about yourself?

I have learned that I am a good host and I’m confident to talk. I learned that I’m good at solving problems in my group.

What ‘big ideas did you take away from the Exhibition?

 A big idea I took away is the ways of presenting could be simple and easy but you can find a lot of information out of it

How will you continue to move forward with your learning – what will you do to live with the future in mind?

I will continue to about waste management and a lot of other big topics.  I will contnue too try and do the things I have learned.

What have you learned about group work?

I have learned that we shouldn’t argue about my work and we should decide on one thing.

Exhibhition 2 stars and a wish

May 4, 2010

I visited Ken and Cliff 6lc living from snake bites.

The two stars was that they made a variety of presentations and they were all  good quality and in the presentation they had the examples of things they were talking about like his snake. My wish was they could cooperate on their work because they were walking around and looking at that other people’s work.

I visited Mick 6ss Hydroponic

The two stars was that his way of presenting is selling vegetables, salads and hydroponic kit etc. The other star is he explains about his plants and vegetables. My wish is that he would make a presentation to explain more about what he has inquired.


April 22, 2010

Today my presentation went half way. My information presented by a game show .  IM am just finishing all the questions and practicing it anc checking if it is correct.

I have learned a lot about waste disposal from the interview my group did and we planned everything.

Mr. Chris helped my group because he gave us some ideas and some tips for presenting the work. The person from the BMA helped us a lot but she couldn’t answer all the questions because she isn’t the boss.

I plan to do the work one at a time.  friday: Presentation done.   Monday:  All the things like signs started. Tuesday: Signs done and practicing scripts.

I am not sure where we should present and should we make an advertisement.


April 2, 2010
  • What did I achieve today?             Today I got some questions for interviewing a person from the BMA.
  • What are some new things I learned today?        I learned that Bangkok collect garbage  with the company BMA.
  • List several sources? Comment by each:            Ms. Siew: contacted the BMA.     Wikipedia: Garbage collector
  • What are some new questions I have now about what you learned today?           What is the rank in the BMA.
  • What is my plan for the next few days?       Too fill the compast sheet.


April 1, 2010
  • What did I achieve today?                                                  Today we found some videos about waste disposal.
  • What are some new things I learned today?         Today I learned that there are lots of pollution.
  • List several sources? Comment by each:                Mr. Smyth: A guest speaker who talked about nature and Mr Dorn: gave us ideas where videos might be
  • What are some new questions I have now about what you learned today?       Where can I find my informations and who I might interview.
  • What is my plan for the next few days?      My plan is too start finding the best resources.


March 30, 2010

What did I achieve today?

Today my group got the presentation done and started to find sources of who we could ask.

What are some new things I learned today

Today I learned how to present a work properly from Mr. Will

List several sources? comment on each:

People: Teachers: I surveyed them. Mr. Will helped me too show ways of presenting.


Where can I find my information for my  topic or how to contact them?

What type of people knows about garbage?

What is my plan for the next few days?

My plan is to find all my sources.


March 25, 2010

What did you achieve today?                       Today my group started sending out emails to ask questions and a little bit of our line of inquiry

What are some new things you learned today?             I  learned that there are three ways of duming trash: burn it, wait until it compost or dump it in the evil landfills

What were your sources? How did you find them?         My sources was people and we know them because they were  in year six and one of my group member’s friend

What are some questions you have now about what you learned today?             I wonder how the recycle process works

What is your plan for the next few days?         I plan to gather all the information we need and decide on our line of inquiry


March 23, 2010

Waste Production

  • What did you achieve today?
  • Today I got lots questions done and I founded some books about my topic.

  • What are some new things you learned today?
  • I learned that there 7 types  of plastic and there things like hazardous and non hazardous waste .

  • What were your sources? How did you find them?
  • My sources was brain pop and the bookks the other group got from the library.

  • What are some questions you have now about what you learned today? My question is what happens to the hazardous waste.
  • What is your plan for the next few days?
  • To organize my information.

    5 whys

    March 18, 2010

    Fresh water

    why 1 People need fresh water

    why 2 because they use it everyday

    why 3 They use it to clean themselves

    why 4 They will get dirty and will waste more water cleaning

    why 5 Because they need alot of water


    People should try an use the most smallest amount of water.

    There should be a sign that says to close taps in public toilet.

    Everyone should have a limited amount

    People should try and invent a machine which makes salt water to become fresh water.

    People shouln’t put trash in the rivers or canals.

    My Local Area

    March 17, 2010

    Thing I like about my local area

    People are friendly, there are lots of  places there like a music school or a electronic fixing shop and there are lots of little shops or seven elevens.

    Things I don’t like about my local area

    There are lots of cars and smoke, People  pollute alot and the street is very thin.

    Three hopes

    1. I wish people would stop polluting

    2. I hope that I would know my neighbours more.

    3. I hope that the streets would get wider.

    Three fears

    1. It would be crowded with plastic bag.

    2. The protestersmight come.

    3.  There might be lots of cars and it would have a lots of smoke.