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Exhibition reflection

May 10, 2010

What did you feel went really well for you during your Exhibition?


What I think went really well in exhibition was that we attracted lots of people’s attention so lots of people sore our presentation and I think that they are going to do something about it and stop animal habitats to be destroyed.

What difficulties did you have and how did you deal with them?

We hade difficulties on what height we should make the boxes and we solved them by asking Mr. Chris’s opinion.

What have you learned about yourself?

I have learned that if I put my mind to it can do it because at first I thought I could not do it and I was scared and thought what if no one liked it and if no one came to our booth.

What ‘big ideas did you take away from the Exhibition?

One of the big ideas I had were that we as one big community should help the endangered animals because if all the animals die, life the human race will be wiped out. All the traffic problems and political things but what about the animals, if all the animals die there will be no traffic or political problems because we will all be DEAD!

How will you continue to move forward with your learning – what will you do to live with the future in mind?

I will help the animals and I will not buy exotic meat or pets so the animals can live longer and so we can live longer and better lives.

What have you learned about group work?

I have learned that group work is easier than doing it by your self but you can have arguments if you’re with the wrong person.


exibition reflection

May 4, 2010

There Topic:Endangered animals and illegal pet trade

By: Alessandro, Yosuke and Chanin

Star1: I liked the game it was fun, you had to catch the animal and answer a question about it.

Star2:the power point was clear simple and to the point.

Wish: they did not bring the iguana because:

  1.  It is an endangered.
  2. They are not even allowed to have it as a pet.
  3. all the people make the poor thing scared.
  4. It is just plain mean to the iguana.
  5. I think it is an illegal pet.

There topic: Cyber Bullying

By: Kira, Georgina, Erika, Aries

Star1: I think that the movie was great because they made it like what happens when people get Cyber Bullyed.

star2: and it was good because in the power point they got a turn to talk.

wish: I wish that the crying was more realistic and that the words were not cut out.



April 22, 2010

My group and I have nearly finished our presentation. All we have to do is attach the string to the boxes and put the animals on the string.

We achieved wrapping the boxes and putting the pitches on the boxes.

We had help from Ms. Kate helped us wrap the boxes.

We had difficulty agreeing what height we should make them but we settled on four boxes high.

Friday: Practice what we are going to say.

Monday: Practice what we are going to say.

Tuesday: Practice what we are going to say.

Wednesday: Practice what we are going to say.

Thursday: Practice what we are going to say.

Friday: Practice and put on the string and the animals.

Monday: Present.

I don’t think there is a problem in our group.


April 21, 2010

The five most important thing to me are:

  1. Some rich people want to have things like exotic pets and endangered animal products.
  2. That people are taking up lots of the animal’s space where the animals need to roam.
  3. When we kill an animal we sort of killing our selves.
  4. If we don’t have animals the whole world will collapse.
  5. We need to educate people about endangered animals so they can do their part to help the endangered animals.

The most important thing I want people to think about after they see us is that animals do become endangered and it’s mostly our fault and I want them to know that this can be fixable and what they do can make a difference.

Our presentation is going to be a big diagram that shows ten different endangered animals and what we are doing to the animals .

Our resources are:

  1. Six-teen A4 boxes
  2. String
  3. White paper
  4. green paper
  5. printed animals
  6. printed people
  7. information

I don’t think we will need anyone to help us present


April 5, 2010

My group and I achieved finding a new website that has maybe all the endangered animals on it.

Today I learned there is an endangered animal named a BumbleBee Bat. The BumbleBee Bat lives only in Thailand. My group and I looked in this website were you choose the country then the fauna (a fauna is the different groups like mammals ect).

 our sources were:

  1. this website, It had lots and lots of information about endangered animals.

some questions I have are:

  1. Can we help the Bumblebee bat at NIST?
  2. What does the Bumblebee bat need to live?
  3. Did the bumblebee bat get on the endangered list?

 I think our plan is to collect  information and organise the information into groups.

By: Georgia


April 1, 2010

I achieved looking though books and answering most of our questions that we wanted to find out. My group and I watched a video about endangered and extinct animals which is a bit sad because they some times showed the dead animal next to the hunter.

Some new things I learned were about nature.

I learned these things about nature from the guest speaker that came from secondary.

I think our plan is to collect and share information between our group.

By: Georgia♦


March 30, 2010

Today we achieved making two lines of inquiry and my group and I made some questions.

I learned  lots of things from other people’s presentations today.

My sources were the presentations presented by the groups.

some questions I still have:

  • how do people get away with getting exotic animals in a country?
  • what is the charge if you get caught bringing in exotic animals into a country?
  • I think our plan is to collect and share information.


    March 29, 2010

    My group and I achieved starting and finishing the Powerpoint and we finished the script.

    I learned that What people thought we should do to save endangered animals.

    our sources were: other people, google images, some websites and our questions.

    Some new questions I have are:

    1. how do people get away with getting exotic animals in a country?
    2. what is the charge if you get caught bringing in exotic animals into a country?

    I think that the plan for the next few days is to collect and share information.



    March 25, 2010

    What did you achieve today?

    We achieved emailing people to ask there opinion about endangered animals.

    What are some new tings you learned today?

    I did not learn any thing today.

    What were your sources? How did you find them?

    I did not learn any thing today.

    What are some questions you have now about what you learned today?

    1. why are some people mean to endagered animals?
    2. what is the the most common unatural death of animals?

    What is your plan for the next few days?

    still to collect infomation  and find a way to present the infomation.


    March 24, 2010

    Today I discusced with other people about endangered animals and most people had the same topic as me.

    I learned that people do mean things to endangered animals to get the babies so they can sell them as pets.

    I got a little infomation from the people from other classes when we descucsed our topics.

    some questions I still have

    1. why are  some people mean to these endangered?
    2. how did so many animals get endangered?

    I think our plan is to collect and wright down infomation and find a way to present it that every one can under stand.