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Exhibition By Fah

May 10, 2010

What did you feel went really well for you during your Exhibition?

Well I think that when I was on the stage I felt really confident and I didn’t stutter or pause. A lot of people clapped at the end so that really made me think oh well the audience liked it.

 What difficulties did you have and how did you deal with them?

I had some difficulties working by myself because I had to present by myself and find the information by myself but the way that I deal with them was that I tried my best so it can come out a good and interesting presentation.

What have you learned about yourself?

Going throughout exhibition I did learned a lot about myself and that is that I could work on my own quite as well as working in a group actually even better. I also learned that if I worked really hard on days that I had time I would have to do as much work over the next weeks of exhibition.

What ‘big ideas did you take away from the Exhibition?

Well the big Idea that I got back was that law and order really means a lot to the community safety the community fairness and all sorts and if you don’t follow the laws it doesn’t only affect other people’s lives but also yours.

How will you continue to move forward with your learning – what will you do to live with the future in mind?

I will follow all the laws and I will try my best to help other people from breaking the laws to at the same time as helping myself. I would also remind my family about how important it is to follow the law even if it’s a tinny one like crossing the red light.

What challenges did you face working as an individual and how did you overcome these?

The challenges that I had to face were trying to find all the information by myself and going on interview with other people without any groups members surrounding me. I had to work harder to complete the exhibition myself. I overcome these difficulties by trying my best and thinking about reaching the exhibition goal.


May 4, 2010


Star: I liked the way that she had a story and it was like that the story was about her and it was really affective the way she told it.

Star: I also liked the way that she had given out the zip lock bags so we can put in some things that the Burmese refugees need (mother and baby pack & baby pack) it think that this is a really good way to let people think about how lucky we are and that we have things to give to the less fortunate.

Wish: I wish that she would just stop look at her script all the time but she did really well. Also to make her other booth in the old library more attractive and making people want to come and get some of the zip lock bags.

Audrey, Sila and Spun:

Star: I really liked the way they decorated their area because it was really colorful and it really caught my attention because they also choose a really good spot (right next to the door) that is where people can see them from where they walk in.

Star: They had interesting things for us to do and it didn’t make us bored just reading or listening to what they did but they had entertainment at the same time as learning new things.

Wish: I wish that they would tell and explain a little more instead of telling us some things. Also they should not put to much writing on to their posters and just put key words and they can explain more about it.

Kira, Erika, Lily, Georgina and Aries:

Star: their PowerPoint was plain and simple and you explained most of the information and everyone new what they were going to say.

Star: I think that they were really brave to make that movie and it really makes people think that this presentation wasn’t boring but was really interesting.

Wish: If they can add more information into their compass lens and to speak with more confidence and for their booth in the gallery they could move it away from the door a little bit.

Exhibition by Fah

April 20, 2010

The five most important things that I learned today where

  1. Justice = Fairness
  2. There is a death penalty in Thailand
  3. They used to shoot people for the death penalty but now they do some injections
  4. Finding pictures about law and order is really hard
  5. A gavel is the name of the  hammer the judges use

What I would like them to understand with them when they leave my presentation is that

Follow the laws of Thailand and even if the laws in Thailand doesn’t have justice you just have to live with it, to make our country a safe place to be and no crime would have to happen as much. Also to give other people a chance like giving people education which leads to poverty and a lot more things that u can think of that we are not giving to the less fortunate.

What is my presentation going to be?

Well I a doing a ted talk kind of thing including some art that I will include. I am doing a PowerPoint to keep it simple.

What resources would I need?

  • Computer
  • Projector screen
  • Art resources ( not sure yet )


Who would you get help from with this presentation?

Well I would ask Ms. Caroline for the art that I am going to do and for the talking just my self and Mr. Chris to do the checking.

What are the plans for my presentation?

Well I already finish the Power Point part during the Songkran break and I just need to do the art thing and practice.

Exhibition By fah

April 6, 2010

Yesterday First thing in the morning I went to interview Mr. Patrick he is the head of the safety department. I asked him about how NIST keeps our school safe.
What I learned from Mr. Patrick was:
1. 32 camera’s in the school + 14 more in the new building = 46
2. Most crimes happen at the lockers where there are more belongings but not crime where there are no camera’s
3. Most Crimes at NIST is Stealing other peoples belongings.
Then after I interviewed Mr. Patrick I wrote down all the information that he gave me using Cornell note taking.
I then emailed to Mr. Doug and Ms. Cynthia because I need to know more about the punishments at NIST and the rules we have.
Here are some questions that will really help me to know about the NIST safety:
1. How are the rules in NIST made?
2. How are the rules helpful with the students?
3. What is the most common crime that has been done at NIST?
I am thinking of doing a survey of the people around NIST about if they had ever been a victim of the crime or started one.
I am really looking forward till the staging week.

Exhibition By Fah

March 31, 2010

Today I was supposed to interview Mr. Sam but he was busy so I didn’t get to interview him. But instead of worrying about not getting to interview Mr. Sam I got a lot of information from the books that I got from the library the books I got were ‘Dealing with crime’ and ‘Punishment in crime’ these books were really helpful because I found a lot of information. The things that I learned were that in theft and robbery in Australia was 30% and Japan and Finland were only 15% that really amazed me.

The questions that just got up to I was

What are the graph / population of each crime in each country?

So after this question that I have I can actually make a graph that tells how much crime is caused in each country.

 I wrote my books down into noodlebib so my noodlebib is now up to date.

So the sources that I used so far are:

  1. Books
  2. Email
  3. Ted talks

I am really looking forward into interview the police and Mr. Patrick in the upcoming days.

Exhibiton By Fah

March 30, 2010

Today I achieved a lot in exhibition I think that I am already ahead of what I planned. I am starting to email some teachers for an interview some day.

The people I asked were:

  1. Mr. Sam
  2. Mr. Patrick
  3. Khun Poonam

The questions that I would be asking them are :

  • What is the most common cri9me and what is the least common
  • How do we protect NIST from crimes?
  • How do the police track down the criminals?
  • Why do people become criminals?
  • How are the laws in Thailand made?
  • What is the punishment for the criminals?

I learned that Mr. Sam was actually a lawyer so he would be able to help me a lot.

The way I would be colleting the information in the interview is by using the flip camera and recording the information they said on paper later.

The sources the I used today were mostly emailing for interview I didn’t really use sources because my topic is mostly interview people with experience because you can’t find much on crimes and Law and Order in the internet but I would get a lot from books and interviewing people.

Exhibition 3 By Fah

March 29, 2010

Today I put the information that I got from emailing to many people about my topic into a PowerPoint and now it is all finished I have finished the sheet that Mr. Chris emailed us. Today I actually learned that the police don’t get pay as much so they would usually catch the people to get bribed so they can get money.

Mr. Doug gave us little ted talk with Mr. Dorn I didn’t get much information because I wasn’t doing about nature and not about culture.

The sources I used so far are:

  •       Emailing other people and asking about my topic.
  •       The teachers coming to talk to us.
  •       Mr. Chris

What I am going to use:

  •       Interviews
  •       Books
  •       Sources of the internet.

What I want to find out about is the perspective of many people of how they think of the rules and what rules we have and how do we track down the criminals and many more.

The things that I am going to do for my next few days of the week is trying to get with many people and getting interviews (this week I will try to find information) I have to get my question ready first then I would interview a lawyer, police  and the security at N.I.S.T.

Exhibition Fah

March 24, 2010

The first thing we did today was write into noodlebib the few sources we used i wrote ms. Anji down.

When we got together with the other classes no one was doin law and order but i found someone who had a really similar topic as me which was Christina from 6DH she was doing the politics. Well me and Christina did alot of talking so we got each other lots of our opinions.

I know that not many people in year 6 are doing law and order becasue it is an issue that bearly anyone would care about.

Exhibition law and Order By Fah

March 23, 2010

Today I went to a guest speaker which was talking about the slums she didn’t say much of what informantion i needed but i asked her that
“are there any bad people in the slums” and she answered and i got some of the information i needed.

I am working by my self so i think i am going quite well and i do have alot of information that i need and i still need alittle more questions to write down. and i still need alittle more information about the rules we have and the punishments and many more questions that i have in mind.

I think that i did quite alot today but i don’t know to much about my topic so i might need to find alot more information for all the petels of the compas.

5 Whys BY Fah

March 18, 2010

Citizen Crimes – Stealing (burglers)

Why, people that are doing it should stop so people don’t have to live a unsafe way.

Why, It isn’t really good to steal things

Why, people that had things could lose things .

Why, Because Burglers need money or the owners gems and jewels.

Why, So they can get rich