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Exhibition Reflection By: Erika

May 10, 2010

What did you feel went really well for you during your Exhibition?

I think that it went really well while my group preformed. We preformed in the theater and the reason I think it went really well is because we would always have an audience there. If we have had preformed somewhere else, I don’t think my group would of had much audience. (In the secound day of exhibition we had a lot of classes who came to the theater.)

What difficulties did you have and how did you deal with them?

The difficulties my group has had while exhibition is, that our group had quite a lot of arguements…:P We usually had arguments with what we should do (or who should go up stairs and get the camera when we forgot to bring it to shoot or movie.) We dealed with the argument by letting others vote for what they want and being open-minded. (It was a little tricky.)

What have you learned about yourself?

Whiel exhibition I have learnt that I usually wanted to use my idea for everything so then I tried to be open-minded and listen to some other people’s idea’s and used them.

What ‘big ideas did you take away from the Exhibition?

The big idea’s I took from exhibition is that they are other ways to present your thinking then just a power point or a poster. I should always be open-minded and communicative in a group. (I think I am good at the communication part.)

How will you continue to move forward with your learning – what will you do to live with the future in mind?

I will contine to move on forward by getting more and more knowledgable and don’t forget what I have learnt in exhibition. To remember my weeknesses more then my strength. Since I have been learning about cyber bullying I should remember to be caring to other online or not.

What have you learned about group work?

People always have different ways of thinking and it could bea great idea so we should be open-minded. Lots of my group member had lots of diffrent great idea’s but we can never do all. So in a group work, you always have to choose one best idea. I don’t think you should be good at everything of the learner profile to be a really good group member but you should be good at some of them.


Exhibition presentations

May 6, 2010

Free and Slave, from Ann, Maya, Yuuri, Namsai, Tulsi and Meredith


1. I really liked the way they presented their drama on a really big stage. I also liked the way they were still on track of telling us about the difference between free people and slaves but also made their presentation funny.

2. I liked the way they remembered their lines and didn’t had to read a script while doing the acting/drama. They also had a LOT of expression.


They had lots of expression but maybe they should had a louder voice so that even the people in the back row can hear.  Other wise, there is no point of giving expression.

Water Group, from Anusha, Shuba, Julia and Isha


1. There was very intresting information for e.g. I found out that there is around 500 bathrooms in NIST. I also found out that if there is one letre only 5 drop is fresh water that humans can drink.

2. There presentation didn’t make the audience fall asleep. Infact it got me to fear about waisting water and from now on, I am thinking of not waisting water as much as I can.


Since there is a lot of people in the old library, some people can take away your audience. ): So I think they should of did there presentation in the theatre. Maybe make a video of what you want to show first. 

Exhibition using paragraphs By: Erika

April 21, 2010

The progress my group has made for the presentation is trying to get the message across.We are editing our scripts so that it would be more  easier to get the message across and so that we can make it as close as a profetianal movie. We are planning to make a progress by makeing the movie a real life story that can happen to anybody. We are going to try make it emotional in some parts.

We achieved the part where we have to write the script finish, the story board and booking places we need for our film and e-mailing to people we would want in the film. We still have to edit and practise.

Mr Chris helped us with making our script and story board better. Fah helped us with some idea’s we can use for the movie and Mr Will advised us to do over our script and get all the details so that we know when to CUT and what the camera is suppose to be viewing. Georgina who is a new group member will help us by making a DVD.

The things that have caused difficulties is to be honest, mostly because me and my group argued alot. But not that I can remember, it never turned into such a big fight and we would solve the problem at the end by ourselves. (It was also hard to interview 105 people.) The most recent thing that was a difficult was to finish the story board. We had to put so many details and we also had to find a person to film our group knowing where the camera should be viewing/zooming.

My groups plan for the next few days is to practice and finish videoing. We also have to put it into a DVD so it’s going  to be alot of work.

I don’t think we have any problems except that I am afraid that we might not get everything done till the exhibition day.

Exhibition By:Erika

April 20, 2010

5 most important things I learnt:

1) That some people cyber bully for fun. Cyber bully for fun, is when both of the person who is cyber bullying each other, knows it’s just a joke and that they don’t actually mean it.

2) Lots of people don’t feel guilty after they cyber bully someone they actually feel good.

3) For some kids they feel like they don’t have any safe place around them.

4) Sometimes other people can make other people feel uncomfomfortable, harrassed, cheated, pressured, confused, and downright disrespected by emails, texting and many other things so easly.

5)  Some kids cyber bully because they have been cyber bullyied them selves and they want someone under them. Some times kids behavior are getting of limit.

The most important thing that I would like people who visit my exhibition presentation, to come away understanding:

1) Don’t cyber bully

2) Some understandings of ways you can improve the problem when you get cyber bullyied.

3) How it can effect others ther bullier, the bullied person, and the by-standers.

What is my presentation going to be –

My groups presentation is going to be a movie. (Not a video) We are going to film it and make it a DVD so we can show it to other on a big screen maybe in the theater.

What resources I will need to develop my presentation

1) Camera/Vedio filmer

2) Mr Chris, Ms Ashley, Aries, Lily, Georgina, Kira and me

3) A filmer

4) Ms Ashley’s room

5) The school

6) Other people as a background

I think Mr Will can help me with my presentation.

What my plans are for starting/continueing my presentation.

My group is thinking of making a DVD it will have the film and a link to get more information.

Exhibition By Erika

April 5, 2010

What I achieved today:

Today my group decided how we are going to present and how we are going to send our message across. Our message is to not bully or cyber bully.  We planned to do a video to get our message across. We were thinking of posting it on you tube after we’ve done filming.

What I learnt today:
Today I learnt that there is a website called ISP that has rules to what websites you go to and if you break a rule, then you would be kicked of that website. I also learnt that your parents can look at what you did on the internet or what other people did to you on the internet.

Some new questions:

I wanna learn about what might be a good idea to do when your in trouble before you even go to an adult and how fun teasing is different to actually teasing/bullying.

My plans:
My plan is to research and write a script about our play.

Exhibition By: Erika

April 1, 2010

What I achieved today:

Today my group and I achieved interviewing 105 people. We also made some graph after the interviewing. It was quite a lot. We also got a book that told us some helpful information.

What I learnt today:
Today i learnt that lot of people don’t feel guilty after they bullied somone. I also found out which was quite suprising for me that some really good frineds call each other some horrible names. It seams like there are 2 kinds of bullying.

Where I got some of my information:   Interviewing    Books and Mr Chris

Some of my questions I have now:
How we don’t make the problem escalate.

How we can minimise bullying.

How we can aware people about what they are doing. (some of these are partly my line of inquiry.)

My plan for next few weeks:

To go to the library and research a lot.

Exhibition By: Erika

March 30, 2010

What we achieved:
Today my group and I achieved our lines of inquiry. We got around 3 of them. We also got some questions because we thought of interviewing 100 people. Some of the questions we got were, 1) Did you ever get bullied? If so, how did you feel? What was the reason the bullier bullied you? 2) Did you ever bully any one? If so, why? How did you feel? 3) Do you think there should be a law against cyber bullying.

What I learnt today:
Today I learnt that only few people actually think that there should be a law about cyber bullying. I always thought everyone would agree because cyber bullying is bad but it seems like not everyone does. Even if we only interviewed less than 10 people……. I also learnt that gossiping is cyber bullying. I always thought cyber bullying was all about bullying.

How we got this information:

We did a survey and asked mr Chris.

Some new questions I have:

Do you like gossiping? If so why? If you ever did bully anyone, did you ever did get guilty? What do you think about by-standers? Would you help your friends if she/he was getting bullied by someone?

My plans for next week:
Interview and do a survey for kids in Y7 and ask about their oppinions.

Exhibition By: Erika

March 29, 2010

What I have achieved today:

Today, we got together with people in different classes who has the same topic or similar topic and we got to chat with ms Robin. She got to answer some of the questions we had but the questions we had were kind of ment to be asked for kids. Today, we also got to talk to mr Sam about what our group really wants to concentrate on because we were not very sure.

What I learnt about today:

I learnt that people bully each other online because it is easier. The reason it is easier is because you don’t see their faces and hear their voices. Some people bully because of racism and also maybe because they think it’s cool and actually doing it for no reason.

How I found the answer to my questions:
I asked ms Robin on skype by videoing her. She suggested us to not ask her but ask other peoples perspectives around the school and make a survey.

New questions:

If one of your friends get bullied then what would you do?

If you think of getting some help, how will you do that? (remember it’s in the internet!)

Why do you think somepeople can not stand up for their friends or for them selves?

My plan for next few weeks:
Concentrate on only one thing and do a survey. Interview 100 people in the school like mr Sam suggested. Also continue talking to ms Robin.


March 25, 2010

What I achieved today:

Today we wrote some questions to ask some different aged people. We wrote around 4 questions and we also had to write about what we acually want to inquery into my big topic which is Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety.

Some new things I learnt today:

Today we didn’t go on a computer or get a book to search informations so we didn’t learn anything but we know what we are going to do from now on to next few weeks.

What were my soarses:

I didn’t have any sorses because I didn’t get any information but Mr Will told us some informations of how he might help us with getting informations.

My questions:

I have almost the same questions for what I want to know. But my group made some new oppinipne and some questions we want to ask other people and friends. Like 1) Did you ever get bullied. 2) Did you ever bully someone one the internet, if so why, how and what kind of things did you say. 3) Did you ever make wrong choices on the internet.

My plan:

My plan is still the same, my group is planing to ask Robin Tribo some questions on skype.


March 24, 2010

What I achieved today:
Today we got in a bigger group, we got with some other people who were either doing the same topic as us or the people who were doing a similar topic. We didn’t research for anything today but we got some questions so when we go on websites and interview people, we would know what we want to know.

Some new things we learnt today:

Today we didn’t do any research but we planed out how we are going to get some informations from.

How we are going to get some information:

We are going to chat on skype with Robin Tribo. She came and talked to us about this topic and she said she would like to help.

Some of the main questions I got were:

Robin Tribo’s perspective of why people bully each other and make wrong choices.

Why people go on inappopriate websites.

Why people pretend to be someone we aren’t.

Why people chat with people they don’t know.

Our plan for next week:
Our plan is to get as much information from Robin Tribo as posible.