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May 10, 2010

What did you feel went really well for you during your Exhibition?

My group and I had very good presenting skills so we presented very well and profesionaly and everybody would understand us. 

What difficulties did you have and how did you deal with them?

we had difficaulty with mesauring about how it was 200 years ago and then how it was 100 years ago we asked some teachers at lunch and they said almost the same thing.  

What have you learned about yourself?

I have learned that I can work with anyone and get the job done together. 

What ‘big ideas did you take away from the Exhibition?

we had planed that we would have things sticking out from the sculpture but the we said no because it was to much work.

How will you continue to move forward with your learning – what will you do to live with the future in mind? 

I would try my best to make the future as good as I can and I would convince someone to help me make the future better. 

If you worked in a group: What have you learned about group work? 

I learned that it dosent matter if it is a girl or boy you are working with what only matters is us getting the job done together.

exhibition comments

May 4, 2010


1 star: They each had a turn of sharing information and they all had a chance to be part of exhibitioin and they all worked good as a group they all where kind to each other. 

2 star: I liked the way they made a video to show instead of doing a long powerpoint they just did a short powerpoint and showed us a cool video. 

1 wish: I wish that the video didnt cut of words because it might soun like they are saying a swear word. Also I wish that the camera would hold stil. 


1 star: I liked the way she spoke becaus she spoke in a loud voice and she was very profesionall and her clods were the good style and the clods made her powerpoint look better. 

2 star: I liked the way how she actaully visited the prisom and got more reall information instead of going on the internet and searching all day and night. 

1 wish: I wish that she had made the powerpoint more intertaining instead of going through lots of papers and talking but she did a great job.


April 27, 2010

1The progress you have made in developing your presentation

well we have practiced and put more details into the sculpturers and we are working on a landscape of how the animals habitat look like now and how they live and what water they drink and how much they are suffering and then we will show the people what animals matter to us and why we need animals and how life on earth will look like with out animals. 

2What you have achieved so far   

we have achived making our sculptures and the land scape of how it looks like in the wild but we are practising what to say and what our answers will be for our parents questions so that we dont have to go like oh I cant answer that question but instesd of going like that we will answer fast but they will understand us.  

3Who was helped you and how (if anyone)

no one did actully eccept for my group members

 4Things that have caused you difficulty (if any) 

nothing every thing went well

5What your plans are for the next few days – show a timeline of how you expect to get the job done 

wednesday: practice 


friday: perform 

6Any problems or issues you need help with.

no we all  got this under controll

Exhibition emma romlin

April 22, 2010

The progress you have made in developing your presentation 

we have done lots of information and we have done our sculpture and we coverd it in green rapping paper. we have put pictures on it and we are done we have to put on the line with imformation about animals on the string hanging across from the boxes. 

What you have achieved so far

we have done the sculptures as I said already. We have also completed the animal cards of imformation all what we have to do is hang them from box to box then we are done. 

Who was helped you and how (if anyone)

not really any one helped us but misster Chris helped us improve our work and how it looks like. 

Things that have caused you difficulty (if any) 

we had difficaulty by rapping the boxes in to green and fiting all the pictures on the box. 

What your plans are for the next few days – show a timeline of how you expect to get the job done 

friday: practise what to say and where we will stand and all that. 

monday: work out how the sculpture will stand and make a design to show how it looks like now with the animals. 

tuesday: practice 

wednesday: put the line on with imformation. 

thursday: done and practice

friday: done

Any problems or issues you need help with.

no problems we have it all under controll and we need no help.

exhibition emma romlin

April 20, 2010

the five most important things I have learned through my inquery: 

My first would be the most reason of why animals is dissapearing by habitat loss because we are taking away the animals homes by distroying trees to make more houses for us humans ti live in. My next would be that we are eating animals and so many of them. My third would be that we are using animals as jullery and sculptures. my fourth would be that while we are fishing with hudge nets then when we catch a sea turtle then the big net will crush the sea turttle and it will die. Wy fifth will be that we have made endangerd animals increase and make mor endangerd animals. 

The most important thing you would like people who visit your Exhibition presentation, to come away understanding: 

that we need to help the animals and make a better place and that without animals all of us will die and we have distroyed earth and we can never fix it again. I also whant them to now that it is our foult that animlas are endangerd and we need to help the endagerd animals. 

What is your presentation going to be – what it will be/look like/be presented:

I will make a scaulpture and make string hang from sculpture to sculpture and on the string would be animals and info about why they are endangerd. On the sculpture we would show that we are pushing down the animals. 

What resources you will need to develop your presentation – make a list  

1 boxes  2 paper  3 glue  4 string  5 information  6 toy animals  7 tape  8 our group  9 tabels 

Who can help you with your presentation – is there an expert or Compass Guide who can help you: 

Miss Caroliyn she can help because we need to make things like sculptures and we also need some advice on the sculpture. 

What your plans are for starting/continuing your presentation : 

I planned that my group will bring in things that we need and then we would start making the things that we have to make.


March 31, 2010


Today my group and I achieved finding the main questions and getting books filed with the information that we need but we haven’t answered all our questions but we have answered one or maybe two I am no so sure about it because we just right down as much information we can.    


I learned that china is the most country that kills animals and that people in china eat really weird animals something like a ant eater and that people hide animals while they are traveling. They make these weird things like a vest that hold animal eggs in it and little toy dwarf with a snake inside it and all those weird things.    


1 computer 

2 wikipedia 

3 books

4 knowledge

5 teachers

6 Google

7 interviewers   

How did I find them? People said that we should go to these things and find information about our topic.  

In what ways did they change what I was thinking or what I knew about the topic?   

I got to now different questions and answers so I thought more different when I got to know new things.


I only have one question it is How can we knowledge people about what they are doing to the wildlife.   

What is my plan for the next few days?   

The next few weeks I am not going to be here but I hope my group put the information together and answer some of our questions.


March 30, 2010


Today my group and I achieved our power point about other people’s thoughts we also presented it to the class but we forgot to print out copies of the script so we had to pass the script around and the noise was not good at all. 


I learned that there are really many ways to save wild life and that is technically saving our planet I also discovered and learned that if we keep on throwing garbage on the ground and that poison will come back to us and we will die!!!

List several sources? Comment by each: 

1 internet 

2 wikipidie  

3 google

4 flickr

5 teachers    

6  knowledge

7  TV

 How did I find them? 

I was looking at a channel and the program gave lots information. Some people said I should go on the websites.

 In what ways did they change what I was thinking or what I knew about the topic? 

Well same as last time I discovered new things about the topic and it got me to think more and deaper about the topic.  

What are some new questions I have now about what you learned today? (there is always  something)   

My question I really want to know is why do we eat shark fin soup? I really want to now that because my dad tried shark soup and he said it almost tast like nothing.   

What are your plans for next week? 

Next week I want to get lots of information and dig diepper into my questions and get them answerd.




Exhibition By: Emma romlin

March 29, 2010


Today my group and I finished and achieved our power point that we have to present on Tuesday I think. It took a lot of time to finish it we also had to present it to our selves like practicing and things like that we also had to print out our script and color the things we had to say just like color coding. 


Today my group and I learned about the compass things and mister Dough interview all the year six classes and we learned that for well being its all about caring for others and making sure that every body are safe and it doesn’t mater what they did. 


1 Some one interview 

2 internets 

3 Google  

4 Flickr

5 yahoo 

6 wikipedia 

7 our knowledge   

How did I find them?  I asked people and some teachers told me to go to these websites. 

In what ways did they change what I was thinking or what I knew about the topic? 

It changed my thinking because I got to know new things about the topic and it made me think of many different ideas and questions. 


I really want to know why do we kill animals not just because we want money and all those things maybe they are forcing people to kill animals but I don’t know?   


I want to gather information and actully start on the the poster or something but I think we need mare information.


March 25, 2010

Today I achived, asking questions to other people so that i can get some information about other peoples opinion about Endangerd animals. Every group had to do this thing. 

Today I didnt really learn anything well I can say I will learn about something when I get the aswers back from other people then I would now cool things and learn new things about what they said. 

My source was kindof using my email to learn about the questions I emaild them and maybe they will say something I didnt learn about or know.  

The question I really want to ask is do you think that market chatuchak is selling eleagel things and doing bad things to the endangerd animals? 

Next week plan is going to get together with the groups with all the classes and discause things and share ideas and take notes about them.

Exhibition week 2

March 24, 2010

Today I achived, looking at other people ideas and learning more things from others and getting together with all the similer topics and problems for the topic. 

Today I learned lots of things like that people in Bangkok are buying rare species and keepimg them as pets and that means that the person how gave the pet had to shoot the babie animals mum to be able to take the small animal. 

My sorce was other people telling me all the ideas things so I could write them down so I would remember I also hope that there information will be in good use. 

There is one question i really want to ask is why do people want endanged animals as pets instead of getting a dog or cat or something els?  

My plan for the next few days is to get more information and think of a way to present our exhibition.