Provocation Answers By:Vishuka


Girls are more mature than boys…..

I agree with this statement and at the same time I don’t because in the world there are some boys that are mature and the are some girls that are not as mature as boys. It depends on how the person is to decide whether this person is mature or not.

Boys should know about boys bodies and girls should know about girls…..

I think both of the genders should know about each others bodies because once we learn about the bodies, it might help us in the future such as if you want to be a doctor, it is important to know about the bodies of a male’s and a female’s so you know what to do.

Families are not that important, who needs them…..?

I disagree with this because everyone needs to have a family because we learn from our families and when we make mistakes, our family is there to help us and tell us what is wrong and what is right.



3 Responses to “Provocation Answers By:Vishuka”

  1. Mr Chris Says:

    Some good thoughts here Vishuka. I agree that famil members should help each other and teach each other right from wrong. Your other comments are well supported opinions too.

  2. 17amritas Says:

    -claps- wonderful! i AGREE WITH ALL YOU STATEMENTS

  3. Tanya Says:

    Great Job Vishuka!!! Wonderful your statements really made me stop and think!


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