Exhibition comment reflection questions


I felt that our explanation of the topic and how we explained it was very good. We made a diorama which really showed the understanding of our topic, Traffic problems in Bangkok.

Some difficulties we had were that group members weren’t cooperating well and we got a late start. We dealt with these situations by making our group decide who’s doing what, like a job for each person and that’s how we got the job done on time.

I learnt that I don’t work cooperatively with my group and I want to do everything on my own.

I will continue moving forward with my learning. I will apply what I learnt to what I do. I will now use the BTS more and walk more instead of using a car. I think in the future I will do the same like walk and take the BTS as the BTS lines will be extended more but maybe more technology will come out.

I have learnt that group work is not as easy as it is working on your own as you don’t get to do what ever you want and sometimes the group members don’t listen to you.

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