exibition reflection


There Topic:Endangered animals and illegal pet trade

By: Alessandro, Yosuke and Chanin

Star1: I liked the game it was fun, you had to catch the animal and answer a question about it.

Star2:the power point was clear simple and to the point.

Wish: they did not bring the iguana because:

  1.  It is an endangered.
  2. They are not even allowed to have it as a pet.
  3. all the people make the poor thing scared.
  4. It is just plain mean to the iguana.
  5. I think it is an illegal pet.

There topic: Cyber Bullying

By: Kira, Georgina, Erika, Aries

Star1: I think that the movie was great because they made it like what happens when people get Cyber Bullyed.

star2: and it was good because in the power point they got a turn to talk.

wish: I wish that the crying was more realistic and that the words were not cut out.


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  1. 17erikao Says:

    thanks for the advise! P.S Lily is in our group as well.

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