Today saw Chanin’s groups project about illegal pet trade.

Star 1. Chanin had brought a iguana to the exhibition so it showed some endangered species and what they sell in the in the illegal trade.

Star 2. Chanin’s group had got a game to teach people about the illegal pet trade of endangered animals.

Wish. I think the iguana was a bad idea showing it all the time because I think some people only came to see the iguana. I think they should have covered up the iguana and when people finished listening they could see it like what we did with our group. We had a traffic game to play but they could only play when the finished listening to us.

The sencond one is Ryoga’s project and it’s about endangered marine life

Star 1 Ryoga’s information was very intresting

Star 2 When i heard Ryoga presentate he was very confident and I could tell he new what he was going
to say

Whish I think he should got more accurate information because he said 190 sharks die a minute so around about 3 sharks die a sencond. Well I’m not sure thats realy correct but it could be it don’t really know.

By Rayisht


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