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“Get Those Thinking Caps On” 5

May 28, 2010

I have left the toughest challenge for the week until the end – enjoy.

If we count by 3s starting with 1, the following sequence is obtained: 1, 4, 7, 10, …

What is the 100th number in the sequence?

“Get Those Thinking Caps On” 4

May 27, 2010

I hope those brains aren’t overworked because I have another challenge for you:

A book has 500 pages, numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on.

How many times does the digit 1 appear in the page number?

“Get Those Thinking Caps On” 3

May 26, 2010

Here is the latest question to make you think:

In three bowling games, Alice scores 139, 143, and 144.

What score will Alice need in a fourth game in order to have an average score of 145 for all four games?

“Get Those Thinking Caps On” 2

May 25, 2010

So I hope you are ready for another challenge:

Rectangular cards, 2 centimetres by 3 centimetres, are cut from a rectangular sheet 2 metres by 2 metres.

What is the greatest number of cards that can be cut from the sheet?

“Get Those Thinking Caps On” 1

May 24, 2010

I am interested to see how is thinking out there. See if you can answer this question:

Suppose today is Tuesday, what day of the week will it be in 100 days from now?

Leave your answer as a comment

Provovcation answers

May 18, 2010

Girls are much more mature than boys

Girls are much more mature than boys in some cases as they are more organized than boys. But some times boys are more mature than girls as boys know how to act in different situations.

Boys only need to know about their bodies and girls only need to know about girls bodies

I agree with this as girls don’t need to know what is not going to happen to boys and boys don’t need to know what is going to happen to girls.

Families are not important who needs them

Families are important because they provide you with what you need and they give you everything you want. Families are also important so people can reproduce and so the humans don’t die out.

Patterns Post – Wednesday May 19

May 18, 2010

On Wednesday you will be asked to post your 2 best number/letter/colour patterns on the blog as a comment for this posting.

It would be great if you could use some imagination in putting your pattern together.

Let’s see if we can get some good conversations going about the different patterns our class members make by adding comments about the patterns they record.

Provocations for Tuesday May 18

May 17, 2010

Please DO NOT post your answers as new postings.

Simply make them a comment from this posting.


Here are today’s provocations (statements that make you think).

 1. Friends can help you overcome any problem…..

 2. It’s best to have just have one best friend….

 3. Friends are important to everyone…..

 Read at least 10 other peoples comments and see if we can get some respectful discussions around the provocations. It will be fun to see what ideas people have and how others react to them. Keep commenting until you have made about 10 comments.

Read instructions carefully……

May 17, 2010

Some people did not read their instructions that carefully. Your provocations were meant to be comments, not new blog postings. Please read your instructions very carefully everybody.

For those who did post their ideas as a posting, just leave it there. Next time check carefully what needs to be done.

More lessons will be coming to you for tomorrow.

Have a nice evening,

Mr Chris

Provocation Answers By:Vishuka

May 17, 2010

Girls are more mature than boys…..

I agree with this statement and at the same time I don’t because in the world there are some boys that are mature and the are some girls that are not as mature as boys. It depends on how the person is to decide whether this person is mature or not.

Boys should know about boys bodies and girls should know about girls…..

I think both of the genders should know about each others bodies because once we learn about the bodies, it might help us in the future such as if you want to be a doctor, it is important to know about the bodies of a male’s and a female’s so you know what to do.

Families are not that important, who needs them…..?

I disagree with this because everyone needs to have a family because we learn from our families and when we make mistakes, our family is there to help us and tell us what is wrong and what is right.