The progress of our presentation is going well because we have started to stick information and pictures on the box and put some cars to make it look like a traffic jam inside of the box. Tomorrow I think we should finish the first box and move on the the second one.

So far we have achieved quite a bit because we nearly have finished the first diorama.

Well, Mr Chris and Ms Dawn have helped us in our presentation by giving us ideas on how we could improve our diorama. Ms Dawn had given us lots of information about the water boat and how they reduce traffic. Ms Dawn also gave us her opinion about water boats and how it was efficient in transporting large number of people.

Some problems we had was that we didn’t have enough time to cut the box and display the traffic so we were all in a rush today and sometimes we all didn’t really concentrate much so we weren’t very productive.

My plans for the next few days is to finish off the first diorama and start the second one by Monday. Quicker would be better by concentrating more on time management.


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  1. 17adityam Says:

    yes we finished

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