Exhibition using paragraphs By: Erika


The progress my group has made for the presentation is trying to get the message across.We are editing our scripts so that it would be more  easier to get the message across and so that we can make it as close as a profetianal movie. We are planning to make a progress by makeing the movie a real life story that can happen to anybody. We are going to try make it emotional in some parts.

We achieved the part where we have to write the script finish, the story board and booking places we need for our film and e-mailing to people we would want in the film. We still have to edit and practise.

Mr Chris helped us with making our script and story board better. Fah helped us with some idea’s we can use for the movie and Mr Will advised us to do over our script and get all the details so that we know when to CUT and what the camera is suppose to be viewing. Georgina who is a new group member will help us by making a DVD.

The things that have caused difficulties is to be honest, mostly because me and my group argued alot. But not that I can remember, it never turned into such a big fight and we would solve the problem at the end by ourselves. (It was also hard to interview 105 people.) The most recent thing that was a difficult was to finish the story board. We had to put so many details and we also had to find a person to film our group knowing where the camera should be viewing/zooming.

My groups plan for the next few days is to practice and finish videoing. We also have to put it into a DVD so it’s going  to be alot of work.

I don’t think we have any problems except that I am afraid that we might not get everything done till the exhibition day.


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