Exhibition By fah


Yesterday First thing in the morning I went to interview Mr. Patrick he is the head of the safety department. I asked him about how NIST keeps our school safe.
What I learned from Mr. Patrick was:
1. 32 camera’s in the school + 14 more in the new building = 46
2. Most crimes happen at the lockers where there are more belongings but not crime where there are no camera’s
3. Most Crimes at NIST is Stealing other peoples belongings.
Then after I interviewed Mr. Patrick I wrote down all the information that he gave me using Cornell note taking.
I then emailed to Mr. Doug and Ms. Cynthia because I need to know more about the punishments at NIST and the rules we have.
Here are some questions that will really help me to know about the NIST safety:
1. How are the rules in NIST made?
2. How are the rules helpful with the students?
3. What is the most common crime that has been done at NIST?
I am thinking of doing a survey of the people around NIST about if they had ever been a victim of the crime or started one.
I am really looking forward till the staging week.

One Response to “Exhibition By fah”

  1. genmaeda Says:

    My name is Gen Maeda, and I used to go to NIST.
    Currently I am studying in Japan, and I would like you to take a look at our stories at our creative writing class, and maybe leave a comment.

    Here’s a link to my story:

    Thank you for your time,

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