Exhibition 1


Today I learnt that the water boats are a good and quick transport but people don’t use it as it does not match their status and it is really dangerous. I also learnt that even though tuk-tuk is a good transport many people don’t use it as it more expensive than taxis. Only the tourists use the tuk-tuk. I learnt that the traffic problem in Bangkok is also because of shortage of roads. Only 8% of Bangkok is covered with roads compared to 20% in Tokyo.

I also learnt that more people are buying sport-utility cars which require more fuel and cause more pollution. I learnt that the locals who walk wear masks to protect themselves from the pollution. But other people say that the mask is not protective as the harmful gases can go through the mask.

Today I finished my A3 paper’s economy part. I already finished the others. I am researching at home too.

My sources were internet. I think I should use different resources such as books.

My plans for the next few days is to find more information, do 2-3 more interviews and by then I think it will be presenting time so we will start getting ready.


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