Exhibition By Erika


What I achieved today:

Today my group decided how we are going to present and how we are going to send our message across. Our message is to not bully or cyber bully.  We planned to do a video to get our message across. We were thinking of posting it on you tube after we’ve done filming.

What I learnt today:
Today I learnt that there is a website called ISP that has rules to what websites you go to and if you break a rule, then you would be kicked of that website. I also learnt that your parents can look at what you did on the internet or what other people did to you on the internet.

Some new questions:

I wanna learn about what might be a good idea to do when your in trouble before you even go to an adult and how fun teasing is different to actually teasing/bullying.

My plans:
My plan is to research and write a script about our play.


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