Today i learned that the water boat is a good way to travel to places because it’s very fast. The reason that some people don’t use the boat is that it is dirty and the seats are uncomfortable.
I learned that people should use buses instead of cars because 20 people can fit in one bus so it will take away 20 cars. If more people use it then traffic won’t be a big issue anymore.

Well today i didn’t really achieve much today because I was working on my A3 sheet of paper and that took me a while and I’m still not done with it yet.

My sources was the internet. My primary source is taking to people who take the boat, walk and bike. We haven’t really gone to ask those people yet but we have planed to.

My plan for the next few days are to go ask the people that take the boat, walk and bike some questions about how bad is the traffic and stuff like that.

Today my question is What has the government done to decrease traffic in Bankok.


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