Exhibition 4


What I learned?

I learnt that traffic can be stopped using these alternatives

3)Water Boats

I also learnt that the average citizen of Bangkok spends 6 hours a day in traffic. I also learnt that the traffic problem in Bangkok is because of people having more cars than they need and shortage of roads. There also have to be more lines for the metro. I also learnt that people don’t use public transport as they say it doesn’t match their status. I learnt that we have to work harder as time is running out.

What I achieved today?

Today I found tons of information about my issue. I still need lots more so I can fill the compass paper. We are searching deeper into our issue.

My sources

1) Internet
2) Interviews

My plans for the next few days are to fill the compass sheet and to find lots more information. Once we find enough information we will have to think of how to display it. I have got many ideas about how to display my information.


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