Exhibition *5



What I achieved today:

Today at school when we were doing unit my group interview 105 people but I and Lily wasn’t here so we couldn’t do it. We went to see two people, Heather and Zoey they were from the UK and they talk to us a bit about cyber bullying and internet safety. Today we started to make a timetable for the week of what we are going to do. On some day’s Erika and Kira are not going to be here so Lily and I will take over the job.

What I learnt today:

Today I learnt that when somebody you don’t know cyber bullies you they are a person online wearing a mask on their face. I also learnt that there are two kinds of bullying when you really take the bully really seriously and another is when you think it’s a joke. Most people from the survey didn’t feel guilty after they hade bullied someone online.

List several sources?

  • Books
  • Community people
  • Mr. Chris
  • Survey


How did I find them?

My group and I went out to survey people in year 7 and year6 and we completed the task. Today in unit Mr. Chris came to talk to us and he told us a lot of information.

In what ways did they change what I was thinking or what I knew about the topic?

At first I thought that people when they bully someone they will always think guilty about then selves but some people we surveyed did not so it changed my thinking that not everyone will think that there are wrong.

Plans for the next few days:

There are many things we planned for the next few days we already made a timetable for it.

Aries 🙂 🙂 🙂

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