Exhibition By Fah


Today I was supposed to interview Mr. Sam but he was busy so I didn’t get to interview him. But instead of worrying about not getting to interview Mr. Sam I got a lot of information from the books that I got from the library the books I got were ‘Dealing with crime’ and ‘Punishment in crime’ these books were really helpful because I found a lot of information. The things that I learned were that in theft and robbery in Australia was 30% and Japan and Finland were only 15% that really amazed me.

The questions that just got up to I was

What are the graph / population of each crime in each country?

So after this question that I have I can actually make a graph that tells how much crime is caused in each country.

 I wrote my books down into noodlebib so my noodlebib is now up to date.

So the sources that I used so far are:

  1. Books
  2. Email
  3. Ted talks

I am really looking forward into interview the police and Mr. Patrick in the upcoming days.

One Response to “Exhibition By Fah”

  1. Mr Chris Says:

    Well done fah – you are really working very well on your topic and collecting some good information. Don’t forget to comment on the sources you are using. I asked you to say how new information is changing the way you are thinking.

    I have been very impressed with your effort so keep it up.

    Good luck this week.

    Mr Chris

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