Exhibition 2- Dianne

  • What did I achieve today?

Today my group and I achieved in writing all the questions down and separating it into the 4 sections. We also pick out the 5 main questions and wrote it into the ‘we will inquire sheet’. We also wrote our 5 main questions into the primary resources and the secondary resources sheet. Today my group and I also had a guest speaker about endangered species, and I wrote down some notes.  My group also achieved in going down to the library and finding books about endangered animals to gather information together. We got many books and we are now trying to write our notes down to answer our 5 main questions.

  • What are some new things I learned today?

Today I learned many new things from the guest speaker, Mrs. Sandra. I learned that trading animals cost really expensive and also China is the country that kills the most animals. China kills the most animals because they think that it will make their body get healthier and also some animals are a type of medicine. I learned some new animals that are endangered too. I also learned that when people are travelling to take the animals to another country to sell them, they use many ways to hide the animals but mostly they get caught.

  • List several sources? Comment by each:
  1. Books
  2. Interview
  3. Internet/Netvibes

How did I find them?

For interview, Georgia is in my group and she said that her mum also knows about endangered species so then Mr. Chris invited her here. For books and internet teachers told us it was a good way to find information.

In what ways did they change what I was thinking or what I knew about the topic?

It change my thinking by first I thought that trading animals is really cheap but then I just knew that trading animals are really expensive.

  • What are some new questions I have now about what you learned today? (there is always  something)

My question is, how could we educate people about endangered species?

  • What is my plan for the next few days?

For the next few days I think that my group would gather a lot of information and then we might answer some questions.

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