Exhibition By: Erika


What I have achieved today:

Today, we got together with people in different classes who has the same topic or similar topic and we got to chat with ms Robin. She got to answer some of the questions we had but the questions we had were kind of ment to be asked for kids. Today, we also got to talk to mr Sam about what our group really wants to concentrate on because we were not very sure.

What I learnt about today:

I learnt that people bully each other online because it is easier. The reason it is easier is because you don’t see their faces and hear their voices. Some people bully because of racism and also maybe because they think it’s cool and actually doing it for no reason.

How I found the answer to my questions:
I asked ms Robin on skype by videoing her. She suggested us to not ask her but ask other peoples perspectives around the school and make a survey.

New questions:

If one of your friends get bullied then what would you do?

If you think of getting some help, how will you do that? (remember it’s in the internet!)

Why do you think somepeople can not stand up for their friends or for them selves?

My plan for next few weeks:
Concentrate on only one thing and do a survey. Interview 100 people in the school like mr Sam suggested. Also continue talking to ms Robin.

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