Exhibition3- Dianne


Endangered animals

I achieved writing down questions and emailing the questions to my friends and the teachers.

Today I didn’t really learn anything because we were just thinking of questions for interviewing.

I didn’t have any sources today because we didn’t learn anything and we didn’t really used anything.

My question is why don’t people stop killing endangered animals and find a better job?

My plan for the next few days is to collect the answer I emailed to my friends and my teachers. Then we would think of a  way to present my presentation about the questions I had ask.


One Response to “Exhibition3- Dianne”

  1. Mr Chris Says:

    Well done Dianne. You have made some good postings and are keeping a good record of your learning. It seems that you are thinking well about your inquiry and starting to get to know some of the terms related to your topic.

    Although you have made some good postings and are keeping a good record of your learning, I can’t imagine you had days where you learnt absolutely nothing. Saying I learnt nothing is a bit of a ‘cop-out’. Listening to what others say is learning and often makes us think differently about an idea so please think carefully – not all learning comes out of books or off the Internet. True learning comes when we consider others’ ideas and then consider how what they say matches with what we think.
    Even if all that you learnt is that it is hard to find information or that the process is difficult, that is still learning – think carefully about your day in future – there is always something you can and do and learn from every day.

    Mr Chris

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