Exhibition 3


What did I achieve today?

Today my group achieved making all the lines of inquiry. We also started sending out e mails to people to ask how do they think about the traffic problems in Bangkok and some of the questions related to this topic.

What are some new things I learnt today?

Today I learnt that motor transport is the highest thing that people die from in Bangkok as people drink and drive and then crash into other people.

What are my sources? How did I find them?

The resources that I used today were books from the library and the internet for my issue traffic problems in Bangkok.

My plan for the next few days?

My plans for the next few days are to find more information and start interviewing people. I also want to record all my sources on noodle bib.

One Response to “Exhibition 3”

  1. Mr Chris Says:

    Hey well done Niphan – you completed all your postings and explained what you have been doing and thinking.
    Next week tell us more about what you are thinking or how your opinions have been changed by what you have learnt. Listening to what others say is learning and often makes us think differently about an idea so please think carefully – not all learning comes out of books or off the Internet.
    True learning comes when we consider others’ ideas and then consider how what they say matches with what we think. Sometimes we then change our ideas….

    Great job so far.

    Mr Chris

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