Exibition By: Sanjana


What did I achieve today?

My group and I achieved alot today because we worked really well and cooperated together. We used many resources to find some information about Hunger, Education and Poverty. I think so far this has been an great start leading towards the exibition!

What are some new things I  learned today?

Today I learn’t about  slums and how they live there life. I think with this information my group and I gathered today will be really usefull to us in the further exibition.

What were my sources? How did I find them?

Today my sources were books, the internet and some guest speakers. My group and I found the books that were provided in the library and books from home.

What is my plan for the next few days?

My plan for the next few days will be to use the sources we already have and do some more research.

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