What did you achieve today?
Today I achived to finish my big V and the circles. We also mannaged to finish waching the first video that we were given by Mr Chris.

What are some new things you learned today?

Today I learnt that 1/4 of the earth’s population uses the Internet. I also learnt that more than 1 billion people are on the internet. The internet is also a place that people spend there money and that more than six hundred and fourty million pounds is spent in one week around the world.

What were your sources? How did you find them?
Our sources were some videos that Mr Chris sent us by email which is on Youtube.

What are some questions you have now about what you learned today?
I want to learn why people do bad things on the internet and also why there is so many people on the computer everyday. How does the internet help people share the resoures.

What is your plan for the next few days?
My plan is to answer the qustions that I have and to find some more qustions and info with my group. 

By Lily

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