Jamie Oliver -TED Talk By: Tanya



  • Buying fresh food from farmers and fresh markets is healthier.
  • Food today is so processed and far from nature because of added sugar, flavor etc. that make people want to eat more.
  • I was shocked at how much sugar is added to milk.
  • It is good that he is reminding us to eat fresh and healthy food.

South- Society

  • Many people are dying from diseases which happen because of bad eating habits.
  • Heart diseases. obesity, diabetes and strokes kill more people than other causes. These happen because of poor eating choices.
  • In USA, there are so many obese people. I am shocked that the 16 year old girl has only 6 years left to live! I hope people can change because the society is suffering.
  • Children don’t know their veggies at all, so they don’t eat them. They should teach us this in class.


  • I am surprised to know that schools are serving junk food to save money. Instead, they should be teaching us to eat healthy.
  • So much money is spent on obesity! In USA, $150 billion was spent!! This is too much!!
  • Supermarkets,fast foods, and big companies should help us cook healthy and reasonable food. They should not only think of money.

West-Well Being

  • Children only eat fast food and junk because that’s all their parents have taught them to eat. Parents are too busy or tired to cook fresh food. This is how families become obese.
  • Diseases like cancer, heart problems, diabetes, obesity can be prevented by eating right.
  • Eating healthy can help us be more clever, more happy and live longer.

One Response to “Jamie Oliver -TED Talk By: Tanya”

  1. Mr Chris Says:

    Wow…I can see you listened hard and thought about Jamie’s message. Well done on some great comments.

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