Vishuka’s Chitralada Palace reflection


Today, we saw many interesting things like the way to make rice, honey, milk etc. There were lots of different things to see and observe and I thought that this field trip was amazing. After going to the place and learning about the majesty’s projects, I can see how much he cares for his county and how much he helps it in different ways. These projects of his will improve Thailand and the way it lives.

Communities and the relationships between them

I chose this phrase because this phrase tells what we saw today at the Chitralada palace. There were lots of people helping each other  as a big community. They also have friendly relationships with one and other because this is all about team working together.

Questions still in my mind:

1. Are all the projects always successfully made? If not, then what does the king do?

2. Do other people also think about a project with the king?

3. How does the majesty get all the things he needs to create the project and make it successful?

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