The Royal Chitralada Project Visit = Mari


Today, the whole year 6 went to the royal Chitralada Project to learn about some of His Majesty King’s Royal Projects to help Thai people and the country.                                                                                                                                          At first when we reached there, we first, went to visit the Dairy Farm. I saw many cows eating their foods. I was quite surprised when I went closer to see the cow when it was eating, the cow just threw the food up and it nearly spilled on my head. In the Dairy Farm, I saw many black and white cows. I thought that they were normal that cows are black and white, all over the world, but after I got home and heard from my mom that those cows were not from Thailand and they’re from arond Europe, I was surprised. My mom said that there were only brown cows in Thailand and not the black and white ones. Cows were a bit smelly and very big, but I thought the sparkling eyes and its face was quite cute.                                                                                                                                                  I also saw many factories making Dairy products, packing the honey into the tube kind of container and I also saw some rice factories.  When I saw the workers, packing the honey into the container, I heard a weard noise like ”BEEEEEEEEEP” from the inside. I wonder what that sound was from and for. In my whole life, I was wondering how they close those plastic packets so you can’t even open it. But today, I found out that there is a special Machine to do it and it is very easy. I wonder how it was like in the olden days when there was no Machines like that. It was my first time ever to see factories and what kind of Machines they use so I enjoyed it alot.

 Access to Equal Opportunities

I think this Phrase will match what I saw today because those foods and drinks, they are really good for the enviroment. The most of all, I think this Phrase will Match what I saw today because my mom told me that when those royal Milks (From the Europe Cows) are made, some of them will be given out to the poor local Thai people.

                        Communities and Relationships between them

I also think this Phrase will match what I saw today. This is because there was many workers all over the place all working together, all having their different jobs working. It almost looked like a big community and alot of relationships between and in the Royal Chitralada Project Palace.

I learned alot, but I have a few questions that I would want to ask: 

1) How did you make it work successfully? If not why wasn’t it successfull?

2)Who is included with all the projects that the King made? Is it only the King and the goverment or are there more people included?

3)How do they get the things they need for the project if they are not in Thailand? Where do they get those certain things from?

I really enjoyed this fieldtrip, observing many things that I usually do not get to see. I learned alot about His Majesty King’s Projects and now I think that the King is a very very kind hearted King whom take cares of all the people in this country Thailand.  I think this was a very good experience for me and that NIST should do this next year too.

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